Workshop Dynamics


Introducing the workshop that will change your life forever

Allow yourself absolute liberty from breakthrough and deliverance; and find meaningful purpose and advancement in life.

Please Note: This workshop is exclusive to South Africans or anyone who wish to attend this workshop within the South African borders at given locations and dates

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Why should you attend this life changing workshop?

  • Every person would like to be extraordinary, to have purpose in our lives, to achieve good success and to prosper in life; to know that when we come to the end of this life, that we lived a meaningful life which have impacted the lives of those around us – our loved ones, work colleagues, our friends and neighbors, and people in our sphere of contacts; to excel in the things that matters most.
  • Here is a life changing experience which will allow you to be the best you.

Who is this workshop designed for?

  • The workshop is designed for people from all walks of life; be it a stay-at-home mom or executive in the corporate world or leader in church; for the vocational and non-vocational.
  • Although the workshop is framed around the Bible base principles and doctrines, it is not only for Christians, anyone can attend the workshop.
  • The workshop is not for people under the age of 18



  • The course will focus on dissolving problematic areas of your life which is causing hindrance to your growth as a person
  • It will reflect on your behavior and relationship patterns, to develop good morals and good people’s relations
  • It will instill boldness to face every challenge in good standing faith
  • It will destroy the barriers which have been holding you from reaching your potentials and dreams
  • It will give new meaning to your life to achieve your


  • Turn your goals into realities by seeing life in a new light
  • See the real you in yourself and express that beautiful person to your world
  • Learn to see the possible in every impossible
  • Find balance in paying attention to what’s important
  • Develop trust, integrity and responsibility in your life and with those around you
  • Discover purpose, meaning, balance and power for a successful life
  • Become the conqueror you were designed to be

Christian Legacy Workshop Dynamics was carefully designed to work with you in not only to discover, but also enhance abilities, gifts, and attitudes you already have; and further strengthen the core of your being and mental capacity, catapulting you unto greatness as a being and a person.

The course provides you with a personal and interactive key to success, peace, happiness, joy; and above all, charity which no book, video, audio cassette or any single session of motivation can give you. The intensity of the course is what develops lasting tools and sharpens existing tools for effectiveness in each individual’s life. What you will learn during the sessions of this workshop will become your personal handbook for a greater and more meaningful life.

Perspective is key in how well you succeed in life; and with a balance of powerful interpersonal and personal participation, you will learn how to see all things in the light which they are – it will remove the scales from your eyes you didn’t know you had.

Your time is now, in fact, you have arrived at the turning point of your life with profound changes being available at your willingness. The opportunity of your life is in your hands to create something beyond who you’ve been and what you know. Every human being has the potential to reach greatness far beyond what is commonly recognized, and knowledge is what gets you there. It is your life, therefore this knowledge must come from within you, and we will assist you in pulling it out in open sight in bettering yourself.


Wake up to life and be refreshed

What you learn at Christian Legacy will continue to bare fruit in your life and can last a lifetime; as the course equips you with the tool-kit you need.

The course is designed to give you a real sense of being alive; and progressively after the course, you will continue to experience its effectiveness to work in your life – typical to that of ‘dynamo’ power; which is a self-generating force of energy.

We are confident in the results of this course, to the extend that we will offer your money back if you feel that it benefited you in no way at all. The effects of the course has remarkable effects on those who are willing to be honest and willing to follow the outcomes of each session and activity; designed for your benefit and well-being.

We guarantee the course’s effectiveness with a money back guarantee – that’s your entire fees reimbursed


Each one of us is unique; however, our past experience has a tendency to altar us at our core being. Our upbringing, education, experiences in life, culture, and the things we have been exposed to up to this point have molded our character, personality, and the very person we are today; and with time passed, we have even developed many bad habits.

Christian Legacy will transform your life to fit your original design; to be who you were meant to be, to be who you want and desire to be – your own original and unique master piece; the very handy-work of your Creator.

Administration and Registration

First; why is it required for you to pay to attend this workshop?

Over and above that the income which is generated by this workshop, which goes towards furthering the reach and works we are commissioned to in taking the Gospel to the world; paying for something carries value in a person. It show your seriousness in seeking meaningful purpose in life; and furthermore, the benefits which you will reap from attending the workshop is priceless.

The workshop will run over the period of five (5) consecutive days; and a 50% deposit is required, which is payable by the closing date of registration given. The balance of 50% will be payable no later than an hour before the first day of the workshop commence [in cash or via EFT/bank deposit]. The fees are non-refundable.

All required documentation must be emailed to us 7 days in advance of the commence date of the workshop; and all original copies must be handed in on the first day of the workshop. Failure to adhere to these above requests will dissolve your attendance.

The total cost of registration for the Christian Legacy Workshop Dynamics is R2’500 per person [couples are not allowed to attend workshops together, but may register for the next given date].

Here is your chance to be the person you always wanted to be. You can make your individual or groups bookings now for the 3rd semester of 2019. The introduction of ‘Christian Legacy Workshop Dynamics’ is exclusively available to South Africans – be the first to experience this unique life changing experience.

Calendar dates, times and locations will be made available in the 2nd semester of 2019; pre-registration will help book your space and you will receive an email notifications

Contact Pastor Rudi Ferreira if you have any queries on:

Cell: +27 79 247 1722 [also on whatsapp]


Pre-registrations forms is attached to PDF downloadCLICK HERE

or  CLICK HERE to download only the Pre-registration Form

Please Note: All information is strictly confidential and honesty is essential

NB: If you have a family member or spouse who registered for this workshop, you will not be allowed to attend these sessions until the next workshop calendar date