Our Vision


Being part of a family is more than just being a member, it’s being part of a vision; and at Gospel Addicts Global Church, we are family who is always striving to greater heights in reaching the world for Christ Jesus – not only reaching greater heights, but striving unto greatness itself.

On the left is our Base of Operation and Head Office Church proposal – Proposed to be build in Durban, South Africa where we will train and equip leaders to be send out globally to establish churches in the greater commission of our call to spread the Good News everywhere… especially infiltrating areas where there’s a greater need for Jesus Christ and the salvation He has free brought to the world – Joining hand-in-hand with Psalm 67:2 [TLB]; “Send us around the world with the power of Your Word; and Your eternal plan for all mankind” – together with partners like you! The Global Head Office Church will be build in phases, evolving into the greater vision and fulfilling the calling of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Our ministry is ever expanding its reach, and the vision is continuously growing; and you are a big part of that vision [and if you not yet, then you can easily become part], while most of you are a part of the vision already as you interact and encourage one another, setting examples of true disciples of Jesus Christ and co-workers of the ministry, especially through our ministry WhatsApp Fellowship Groups.

With a growing vision, there’s always need for those who share the vision of the church; and those are the ones who are wanting to reach the world with the message of salvation and Jesus Christ, in one way or another – You are what we consider a partner of and with the ministry.

As the vision grows, every member also benefits and grows with the ministry; and ultimately that calls for expansion. In any operation of an expanding ministry, commitment is needed as you partner with a church and sharing the vision. Therefore, it is time for expansion and we call on our members [and also those from outside the ministry who wish to partner with us] to be part of this expanding vision by making pledges towards supporting the growing, expansion, reach, and vision of the church. You may have your home ministry where you are committed; and we appreciate your loyalty there, therefore we ask that you partner with us on a monthly basis by starting with small amounts. Through our main Whatsapp Group, the Greatness Zone, with 240 current members, if every member pledge and commits in giving a minimum of R10 [RSA] per month, that totals R2’270 [RSA] partnerships per month; which will support the ministry in covering the internet cost and other resources used to reach our world; however, you can choose whatever amount you wish to start with.

The vision is ever expanding, and every seed received over the amounts above will be you partnering with the expanding vision of building a base operation and head office church, whereby jointly we will be able to reach so much more souls for Jesus Christ – What an honor!
When can you start to partner with us? Well, we asking you to decide what amount you want to partner with us; and you can start immediately, at the end of every month or when ever you want to. Partnership with any given ministry is a great blessing, privilege and honor as you tap into the corporate anointing in a complete different level, setting yourself up for an endless flow of blessings.

How can you partner with us?

Or by either a direct bank deposit or EFT payments – at the moment we are working on the ministry registration in order to set up our NPO accounts, but below is our current account by which you can partner with us; and be blessed as you join the Greater Vision

Reference: Gospel Addicts + Your Name
Bank: Capitec Bank [RSA]
Account Holder: Mr. R. Ferreira
Account Type: Current / Savings
Account Number: 137 834 8433
Branch: Queensburgh, Durban, South Africa
Branch Code: 4700 10

Thank you in advance for partnering with the vision;
Stay blessed in Jesus Name and we love you all!