Read some of the testimonies we have received from folks around the world; and the life changing experiences they had with a close encounter with God…

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Mahalia Mbele from Freestate, South Africa (4 Jan.’16)

“My name is Mahalia Mbele in Free-state (South Africa). I’m a follower of your ministry and I love it so much, it brought so much Joy in my life; and my spirit is been enlightened …thank you so much. I’m a living testimony of the Word you are spreading, it started in December 2015 while I was wrestling with depression and fear; I scrolled on my phone notes and saw your notes there… As I connected to the website, I got addicted to it and I spread the good news to others; and I also went back to church, because it was almost 7months I backslide.”

Edward Cloete from  South Africa (Dec.’15)

I have accept Yeshua in my life in 1982 March. I studied and achieved a Diploma in Theology at the Pat Kelly Bible College, which is a community based college in Cape Town South Africa. Currently I am unemployed as I have been on Dialysis for the last 5 years and 6 months having been diagnosed with stage 5 end stage Kidney failure. My left Kidney was removed in 2010 due to cancer I was given 6 months to live but YHWH intervened and here I am nearly 6 years later absolutely due to the grace of YHWH on my life. I endeavour to share Yeshua to all I come into contact with every day.

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