PLEASE NOTE: This article is not for spiritual sensitive folks – the contents shared here are for the spiritual mature child of God with good knowledge of the Word of God…

We all know that Jesus came from Heaven to earth; that He died on the cross, descended into hell and on the 3rd day rose from the dead; and 40days later He ascended into Heaven. The question is, why did Jesus had to die? Now, I got no idea what your answer is, but I’ll go on what I hear other people say. People say that Jesus died on the cross in our place… He paid the price for our sin…He done these things so that we might be saved…

Let me leave those questions unanswered for now… Before returning to the question I’ve asked, let’s take a look at a few verses in scripture:

“For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.” (Rom.8:2)

Take note: Paul writing to the Romans here spoke of himself, as he was a Jew by birth; but being born again, born of God; he has been made free from the law… This is what Jesus said to His disciples in John 8:32, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Once again, Jesus said that the truth shall make them free, not set them free. Note again, Jesus spoke to His disciples who were Jews.

As born again Christians, we were never under the law, even before we became born again, only the Jews were under a law! In Acts 22:28 Paul said, “…But I was free born.” This is a Christian’s portion, we are free born, born into liberty of God, for Jesus came to fulfill the law to the Jews, and gave life to both Jews and Gentiles; and whosoever that believe in Him!

Returning to answer the question; a born again Christian, according to the Gospel, is one who is born of God. He never existed before, for he is born anew. Now this doesn’t mean that God took the old man and made him new, (2 Cort.5:17), it means the born again Christian is a new man in Christ: “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” The old things here is speaking about the flesh which is dead; and all things are become new is speaking of the new spirit man, like the first part of the verse points out: “…he is a new creature…” The word creature used in the original Greek text and translated in the KJV as creature also further tells us that the new life is not of the flesh, but an unique handmade product of God. However, the new spirit does vitalize the flesh, therefore, even the flesh is dead the body can still function, because of the new life from the spirit which dwells in it now. Paul understood this, therefore he made another profound statement in Phil.1:21, “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Your body and soul was born of flesh, which is of corruptible seed, but your spirit is born of God, an incorruptible seed. It is clear in the New Testament that God is interested in man’s spirit. The flesh will perish, but the spirit has life.

Jesus died, and on the 3rd day, He returned to a dead body. It was the life in His Spirit which vitalized the flesh. I’ve seen people who died, some even dead for a few days, who after prayer came back to life. The only way you can explain that is that the spirit has returned. Science can’t explain this, but it is the spirit who has life.

It is this same spirit who God is interested in. Now, I’m not saying that God doesn’t care about the flesh, because without the flesh we can’t operate here on earth. The Bible tells us, if no one tells them how will they know… We are called to tell all people that the door to salvation is open to whosoever that believe in Jesus Christ. God wants us to be well in our bodies, so that we can be effective for Him.

What we need to understand is who we really are! The real you lives in the body you see in the mirror – he is the spirit man. The spirit man was born of God, he never existed. Now it’s true that the soul got saved the day you became born again, but the flesh will still perish. It is the real you who becomes one with the soul of your body who will enter Heaven. However, it doesn’t change the fact that the real you is still the spirit man who was born of God.

So then, we understand now that the truth shall not set or make the born again Christ free, because we are born free. The question remains, are the born again Christian saved? Let me ask you another question: if we are saved, then what are we saved from, because Jesus dealt with the devil! The Jews was saved from the law, because they couldn’t fulfill it; so Jesus came and fulfilled the law in their places. Then, are we saved from sin? But the Bible tells us that the born again Christian is born of incorruptable seed. The new spirit which comes into the body at the new birth sanctified the body – meaning it has been made clean for the new born spirit of man to dwell in.

This leaves us with another question: How much of the Bible is actually written directly to the born again Christian? Well, not much… This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be concerned about studying the Word of God – for the Old Testament is given for our learning and the New Testament for our living. What we need to do, is through the ability of the Holy Spirit within us, discern who was spoken to at which times. Whatever isn’t directly told to the born again Christian is there for our learning.

After all, Jesus gave us one commandment, to love! However, Jesus also said that if we truly love Him, we will keep His Word – which is to love… Love who? Love one another! Because if we love Him, we will also love one another!

You have struggled your whole life with the issues of sin unnecessary. All it takes to be a born again Christian is to love everyone with unconditional love. This is the love of God, it’s unconditional; and being born of God, you are born with that love in your spirit. Tap inward and express outward – that’s all Jesus is asking for, because in doing so, we prove our love for Him.

You are free in Christ Jesus; and if you love Him, you will keep His Word!

I hear many times that Christians speak about spiritual warfare and the battle field… The only battle you need to fight is on the battle field of your own mind; and when you allow your spirit to prevail, he will win the battle for you. As a matter of fact, you (the spirit man) is more than a conqueror. This means that you have won before the battle has begun! You were born beyond the battle field. Come out of the battle field and step into the greater truth. You don’t belong in the battle field, you were born victorious! The spirit man was born free, it is the soul man who has been redeemed and saved; and the real you are spirit – born free!

The Bible has a great and powerful subliminal message, and when you dig into that message, you will find out that you can’t be conquered – for you are more than a conqueror! Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world! You are born free! The Christian life is a life of choice – you can choose what you want in life – to love God and allow God to love others through you, or to live like everyone else – the choice is yours! The Word of God is for doing, so step out today and let your life preach salvation unto the world!

Our life is a life of upward and forward – stay blessed!