FEATURE ARTICLE: A Perfect Stranger in You

Christians can come out quite strong when they minister Jesus unto the world. Many times, we come across as judgmental with preaching conviction instead of salvation; and in many cases we don’t even realize we doing so. Salvation should always be preached with love; and saying so, it should be done with unconditional love. This is mainly because Christians didn’t take the time out to understand why people don’t know Jesus. Many times Christians are to blame for the world not knowing Jesus. They want to beat down and get straight to the point, which in many ways is too much for people who don’t know Jesus. Christians today don’t seem to have time to minister salvation unto people and go around with the mindset, ‘Well, if they don’t want to hear what I have to say, it’s not my problem – at least I done my part’. Well, that’s not good enough, we must make time, the world is dying and time is running out. You get daily a deposit of 86’000 seconds; tomorrow those seconds is gone and you receive a new 86’000 seconds. If that was money, you would use it well, knowing tomorrow that 86’000 will be replace with a new 86’000 – no carry overs. So too, how you use your time effectively also matters.

One other reason is, Christians in many cases who knows Jesus, truly don’t know Him at all – because they don’t understand God’s heart. We need to study the stories about Jesus’ ministry when He ministered to people; and understand how God wants us to minister to people too. This article is to shed a bit more light on all the above mentioned. How to minister to the world with patience, love and also through understanding God’s heart – what makes God tick. We don’t merely show God our love by going to church and telling Him how much we love Him; we do so through application of His Word – being a doer of God’s Word.

God’s idea is for us to become the Word of God, in such a way that men can read the Word by looking at our lives; but what many Christians do today is preach louder with their mouths than what their lives can speak. What comes out of your mouth should be a reflection of your life. Now, God doesn’t call us to preach His message unto the world because we are equipped to do so, all He is looking for is a willing vessel – He will equip you as you go about doing. We must be willing to step out to reach a dying world.

Reaching out to a dying world:

It’s important to show people you are interested in them as a person. Making small talk and breaking the ice on a one on one basis. Slowly get into asking about their beliefs, but remember, you are a stranger to them – and the Greater One Who lives in you might also be a Stranger to them. Try not come on too strong, as you want them to see the perfect stranger in you – they must see Jesus in you through the expression of the inner working of God in and through you. Therefore, it is not necessary to quote verse after verse to people in trying to convince them to believe in Jesus – that’s not your job; your job is to tell them about salvation with wisdom. Remember, people have a God-given right to believe what they want.

Understanding the difference between religion and Christianity:

Religion keeps people from living their life to the fullest. It makes some people feel guilty about things they don’t need to feel guilty about; and other people worry about things they shouldn’t worry about. The problem with religion is that people think they get points for the things they do. Self righteous leaders focus only on rules and then lay it on the people if they didn’t follow it well enough. We see this often in today’s church. People feel that they should live according to a certain standard or they will be looked at funny…

Religion causes so much of superstition and ignorance. Some churches impose such standards of living, that some people in the church starts to isolate themselves, thinking that they need to run away until they come to some sort of righteousness within themselves. Others isolate themselves from the world and even other Christians, not wanting to be corrupted by the way others believe and think; whereas we always need to stay in a position whereby we can minister to people salvation and not get caught up in their mess, but rather help them see the light. The Bible does say that salvation is personal and that we must work out our own salvation; but I tell you the truth today, working out your own salvation starts by winning souls. If you are radical for Jesus, which you should be, then you will also be radical about the things Jesus is radical about – SOULS!

True Christianity is allowing God to love people through you, because you are born of His nature.

Struggle with believing:

Some people have a hard time in believing something they can’t see, so if we are to lay out standards and rules on how to live a good Christian life, you are bound to push people away, rather than pulling people in. Some people are really difficult to minister too, and even when you, as genuine as you can be, you might still be crossing the line for some folks. Remember, we don’t always know what made people run so far from God, accept the normal – sin! Allow those who you minister too, to give their view point, answering some questions with questions, but never tell people that what they say is wrong without a very convincing evidence. People want to be heard, and they want to feel like others care about what they think too. You are not agreeing, you simply taking a counselor’s seat in ministering to them.

People don’t believe that they can have a relationship with God, because they don’t understand God’s love. They feel like they have to reach out to God. They just can’t understand how God is reaching out to them instead. Religion always leaves some sort of doubt somewhere along the line. We need to look at things from God’s point of view instead of man’s point of view. God wants to be involved with His creation. Some people need more than just hearing that God exist, they need proof. It’s not always possible to prove God’s existence, because we don’t put God to the test; but with just the right questions we can plant a seed in peoples hearts which will guide them in receiving the right answers.

So we need to relate people to God. Many times we lose peoples attention, because we trying to relate God to people and not people to God. Meaning, God share trades with the universe, so what trades of people reflects in God; because God created man in His image and likeness, but what trades does people have in God? People is the highest intelligence living on earth (in God’s creation) – therefore it will make sense that they represent who He is. Things like our minds, emotions, abilities to chose – all these human characteristics should relate to God Who created them. Now, I’m not talking about wickedness we can see in people today, but it does put a question in the hearers mind: ‘Where does evil comes from if all things comes from God. Now many people can’t accept this, but good and bad exist in God, the only difference between God and man is, that God, by choice, let goodness flow out from Him. Evil can’t stick its head out, because in God’s plan for creation, there is no place for evil.

Filling the void:

People feel incomplete all the time; and that is because they don’t have God filling that void. People are incomplete without God. God actually placed a desire in men to want to have a relationship with them. People don’t always realize it, therefore you find people chasing after many things for fulfillment, yet they remain incomplete at the end of the day. The ignorance of people allows devil to have a field day with their minds. The more devil can deceive people that they can get fulfillment in drugs, alcohol, sex, chasing after money , building mansions and buying expensive cars and designers clothes, the further he will pull people away from receiving Jesus into their lives – which will cause people not to have a relationship with God.

Now, is a person’s desire to have a relationship with God nonsense, or does it make most sense? In too many case, it doesn’t make no sense, because religion has framed the Bible as a rule book for man, instead of a love letter from God to men. It only makes most sense when we see the Bible as a love letter.

Always point people to the love of God He has for the world. God is love and His very character is revealed through His Word. The Bible tells us, there where the word of a king is, there the king is too. So when we learn to minister to people through the love of God, then God will be there with us when we minister. After all, God’s Word goes out through those who He sends. Jesus also said, there where two or three is gathered in His Name, there He will be in their midst. This is the assurance that we need not to be lost for words, because we can always lean on Jesus when we minister salvation unto people in His Name.

Approaching the hard headed people:

You are only responsible for what you say to people, not for how they hear it. Only those you minister to can decide if they going to believe you or not – you can’t make them believe. As long as you tell the truth, you on the right track! Our responsibility is to help people make up their minds if a relationship with God is possible or not; we can’t tell them they have to believe it because we believe it. We can’t make up their minds for them.

People think they can get fulfillment without God, but that’s because they don’t understand what fulfillment is. Fulfillment is to be filled with satisfaction all the time, not just at times. Only God can fulfill the human soul. In the end of people’s lives, after living a good life, they still come to a place of feeling something is short. That somehow, somewhere they’ve missed something. That’s because they missing God in their lives. You just can’t get fulfillment with man’s ways and creations if they are just as fine eyed and imperfect as you are. The good experiences in life is just not good enough.

All people are looking for something bigger than themselves, some just don’t realize it and it takes them longer and some times they never come to the point that there is more to life than what meets the physical eye. They try and logically come up with answers to life’s circumstances through trying to rationalize scene as the answer, but even that has limits and does not fulfill the heart of man. Even google doesn’t have all the answers!

This world’s temporally fulfillments can be taken away in a blink of an eye, but once you have found fulfillment in God, no one can take that away from you.

After breaking the ice:

After breaking the ice and seeing the person you ministering too is more easy listening to you, because they see a different kind of Christian in front of them. A Christian who is not forcing their beliefs down – a Christian who reflects Christ like characteristics. People are more likely to listen to you when they can see Christ in you, even though they don’t know Jesus, but there is a special unction that comes with a humble, sincere approach.

This is a good time to talk about relationships. God had a very close relationship with man in the beginning, and with those who were really faithful to Him throughout time. However, God’s heart’s desire is to have that relationship back, that’s why He sent Jesus to reconcile man back unto Himself. People in general don’t feel loved by God, because they can’t really hear His voice. In many cases, some terrible things might have happened in the past. People lose loved ones in accidents or loved ones who have been murdered. Some lose their partners in life due to cheating partners. Others are molested as children and women that are raped – people just don’t understand why these things happen if we say God is so loving and caring. It’s a tough one to explain, but nevertheless, there is explanations.

People turned their backs on God and ever since they struggle to hear His voice. It’s not because people are deaf to hear God’s voice, it’s just that they can’t hear His voice as clear as they ought to. God always speaks to our consciousness when we in that state of mind. God speaks to people in simple ways, like when you laid your eyes on your newly born baby and you feel that overwhelming love, that is God. When you stand next to the ocean and feel so small in front of something so big; and wonder if there is something bigger out there – thats God speaking to you! A guilty conscious of doing something wrong, that’s God speaking to man. That is God speaking to people’s conscious, because deep down, you know you were not meant to be that way.

People in the world have this twisted idea that to actually have a conversation with God must be boring… Religion has placed in men’s minds that you have to speak to God in a certain way – that you must watch how you speak or God will be angry with you. The reality of it all is that God knows where you at, and He meets you at the place you at. God doesn’t call you out from where you are to have a relationship with you, God reaches you in the situation you in. Therefore, God also knows that you rough around the edges; but the good news is, God is a patient God. He is willing to work with you to get you out and up from any situation, all He needs from you is your willingness.

Imagine how awesome it must be to actually sit and have a conversation with the One Who carved out the mountains, the One Who wrote the code for DNA and designed all languages. The One Who made the stars and every new born infant; and the One Who loves you with no limitations or conditions. God is more amazing than anything and everything He created. God is not boring, He can teach you all the secrets to life, you must just be willing to open your heart to Him.

People feel like they don’t even know where to start in having a relationship with God, but here is the good news; you don’t have too. God has already started the process, because He is the One Who is reaching out to you. To have faith in God is a whole lot easier than what people think it is. You just need to let go from the things which makes you not trust in God. You really have nothing to lose.

Why doesn’t God stop all the bad things that’s happening:

God hates these bad things just as much as we hate it. Some people go on and say: ‘but why doesn’t God stop these things from happening if He loves us so much?’ People think that if God has to put a stop to all bad things, that the world would be a good place. But it’s not that simple, we must understand God’s plan in order to understand the world’s happenings. God’s grand scheme is to get the people off the Titanic before it sinks.

Things have to happen in a due course of time; and God knows this, that’s why He gave us all faith. A good gardener doesn’t pull out weeds among newly planted plants, because pulling out the weeds will disturb and even up root these new young plants. So the gardener waits for the plants to develop a stronger root system before removing the weeds; but his garden needs good nutrition and water to develop strong and healthy root systems in the plants of the garden. Yes, the weeds will also grow, but the plants in the garden will mature quicker with the right care. So too, God is the gardener – He knows these things and He is at work, even at times we can’t see it.

In the end, the bad will be done away with and only a beautiful garden will remain. The bad will be punished and the good will be rewarded. People just don’t seem to understand why they should wait, but mankind has turned their backs on God, God never moved, He is still in the same place. However, reconciling the world is a slow process, it takes one person at a time. God was so willing to reunite with us that He was even willing to die for us. He took all the punishment of all mankind unto Himself in order to have the relationship back with man. God is not slow, He is patient! God is giving second chances, so that no one is left behind. What people perceive as God dragging His feet is in reality God showing mercy.


By the time people are willing to step up to the table in reconnecting with God, they need to know that it is more than just you starting to pray. Prayer is a two way communication, and as you talk, you also need to listen when God speaks back. For anyone who wants a relationship with God, listening is the crucial part. In that you will receive council and guidance in getting your life sorted out. You will hear from God on what He needs from you…

Religion is mostly an outward thing, in what to do, what not to do, don’t do this, don’t go there… but a person who can hear God’s voice is a person who has been changed from the inside out. God gives us new spirits, because the old spirits just wouldn’t work – it was dead to sin and doesn’t know the voice of God. So in becoming born again, you are born anew from God. You are being given a new spirit which is clean and not corrupted, a spirit which can hear God’s voice.

God speaks to His children in many ways; through the voice of your conscious, through His Word, through what we see and hear, etc… The bible is not a rule book, it’s a Father’s love letter to His children. Real Christianity is more than just going to church and sitting listening to good stuff; it is letting God love other people through you. It is knowing that you forgiven, its knowing that you accepted and no matter what, its knowing that you always have a special place in God’s heart. God is love, and He has unfailing and unending love for you. God’s love for us surpasses all pain, sorrow and regret – when we accept Jesus, God fills our hearts with overwhelming love. A love which imparts piece, happiness, joy and hope, because God’s love is perfect!

The next step:

People have to make a decision in whether they want to experience perfect love or not. Once a person has made this decision after hearing a perfect stranger speaking to them with the love of God, it is time to lead them to the Lord. Pray the salvation prayer through with them, but before you do, allow them to experience a touch from God. More than what you or that person will ever know, God wants to touch their lives.

People may be shy to receive prayer in public, so instead of asking them that you want to pray with them, just go on and tell them you going to do it. This isn’t the time to pause, just take their hand and start praying for them. You don’t need to worry about what you going to be praying about. Remember, God only needs a willing person, so as you do this, God will give you the words to pray. This will break the ice to their shyness in going for the home run – leading them willingly in a salvation prayer. People will more than likely willingly allow you to lead them in the salvation prayer after they have felt God touching them.

Remember, as a child of God, you are anointed with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit – the extent of your hand is the extent of the hand of God through you. The anointing will do the work as you do the action. The touch of the anointing will give that person more convincing evidence that what you spoke about is real – more so then you physically touch them.

The home run:

Now that the person has experienced God and are in a comfort zone, it is time for the home run – the prayer of salvation. Below is a simple, yet complete prayer which you can memorize to use when you lead people to the Lord.

Remember, you don’t have to be loud or dramatic about leading people to the Lord. Allow that person to be comfortable. After all, God sees the heart!

Prayer of Salvation:

“Dear Lord God, I come to You in the Name of Jesus Christ. Your Word says, “…whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved”. I ask Jesus to come into my heart to be the Lord of my life. I receive eternal life into my spirit, as I confess with my mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in my heart that God hath raised Him from the dead – therefore I declare that I am saved; I am born again; I am a child of God! I now have Christ dwelling in me, Hallelujah!”
(This is only a guide line in covering the vital aspects in leading people unto salvation)

Now that the person is born again, invite them to church or encourage them to go to a church near them; but most importantly, get the person’s contact number, email and name. You have a responsibility to disciple that person until they are rooted in a church where they can receive further discipleship.

I trust and believe that this article has inspired you to step out and win some souls. We would like to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to drop us an email and share with us your story, thoughts and questions….

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In closing:

If you have noticed, in this article, I didn’t quote not one verse in direct reference to what’s been said – however, this article is filled with indirect quotes straight from the Bible. In ministering the Gospel to the world, we need not make use of direct quotes, at least not till the hearer is caught on our beliefs. I pray that this article has inspired you to step out and start winning for Jesus. We simply just can’t walk through life and see people heading straight into destruction. It is like walking down the street and seeing a blind man heading straight for a big hole in the road. If no one is going to tell him to walk on the other side, he will surely fall right into that whole.

It wouldn’t be his fault that he fell into the hole, because he is blind – it will be the fault of those who saw him walking straight for that hole and said nothing to warn him. The people in this world who isn’t born again is like a blind man heading straight for the hole of hell. We have a responsibility to tell people. If, after all our warnings, they still chose to walk straight for the hole and fall in, then their blood is on their own hands. So let us do our part in evangelizing our world so people may also come unto salvation!

Be radical for Jesus!