Prevailing Vision

God gives a vision to every person, born again or not. The reason God gives visions is to steer us in the direction of His perfect plan for our lives. Unto the unbelievers, God gives vision to steer them unto salvation. This doesn’t mean that as Christians we don’t have to evangelize our sphere of contacts. No, God, together with His vision, also sends Christians to remind folks of this vision, to minister to the lost so they might have understanding and turn unto truth.

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The Vitality of Revelation

Revelation is very important, in fact, it’s vital to the Christian life. Revelation is what steer the Christian, the driving force and the very engine that propels us to move beyond the storms of this life. Without revelation you might just not be able to connect all the dots in your life to give you a picture of the plans God has for you. Revelation brings about vision, and where there’s no vision, God’s people perish [Prov.29:18].

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Your Vision Beyond Plain Sight

I is sad to see how some folks are abusing the church for self-gain; and how it leads to the sin of many. The greed of man is great, and it seems to be a conforming spirit within the church, corrupting their vision, which in these latter days is ever growing in producing wavering instead of true righteousness. Has the church becoming self-righteous? Is vision now days that of plain sight, or does it extent beyond? As Christians, we should never allow the wrongs of another to determine our actions; neither should our lack in good deed be justified by another’s sin. Also the spiritual leaders must wakeup Continue reading “Your Vision Beyond Plain Sight”

Get Divine Direction

The extent of your vision is the boundary of your blessings. Man may walk by his own vision [that of the optical eyes], but you will be limited in life. Every man’s vision can only see to a certain extent, and beyond that you got to move your position to see. This is the reason why God gave us spiritual vision, to see beyond the limited things of this world. God’s vision comes by faith; it is putting faith into the written Word of God, and acting upon it. Although with spiritual vision you can see further than with the optical vision of your physical eyes, but one thing remains – to get what you see you got to move towards it Continue reading “Get Divine Direction”