The Simplicity of Christianity [Part 2]

The Christ-like Mind

Most folks today in the church think it is impossible to have the Christ-like mind; yet throughout scripture, we see men and women demonstrating this reality.  Most probably the best example other than Jesus Himself was Paul [this goes to show that even a mere man can…]. The author of three-quarters of the New Testament expressed the mind of Christ in his writings to the church; but how did he do this. We see a pattern throughout scripture Continue reading “The Simplicity of Christianity [Part 2]”


Live from Inside Outward

I want us to look at Psalm 67:2 [TLB]: “Send us around the world with the power of Your Word; and Your eternal plan for all mankind.” This is quite a striking verse; and also the founding verse of our ministry – ‘Send us around the world… ‘How did David comprehend this? He saw this through the eyes of the Spirit – Talking about the children of God; that as we multiply, we may cover the face of the earth. This is very prophetic, for David even he was a Jew, had visions of the coming Messiah. He tapped into God’s plan for mankind and prayed accordingly. ‘…with the power of Your Word…’ David understood that the Word of God carries power, a power that this world can’t comprehend; and also that he can’t do God’s work without God’s Word. How will they believe if no one tells them Continue reading “Live from Inside Outward”