The Recreated Man

You can now download the PDF format of this teaching here The Recreated Man

We know the story of Adam and Eve who sinned against God in the Garden of Eden [Genesis 2]; and due to that sinful nature which developed in them which corrupted them and all of mankind, causing a world of chaos as we know it today. After many attempts, God saw only one way for man to turn back to Him; and that was to recreate mankind. In the beginning of the Old Testament God made man to rule the earth and for eternity worship the Lord from here on earth; but in the beginning of the New Testament God recreated man, this time to be like Continue reading “The Recreated Man”


Five Solid Facts of the Gospel

I have recently watched the combined services of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn; and I can tell you now that these two anointed men of God are taking this world by storm. With the level of anointing they are ministering with, and through the demonstration of the Spirit of God, many are turning their faith to Jesus Christ. Even those who were already of the Household of Faith in Christ are being strengthened and catapult to new levels of glory. As Pastor Chris explain, the things of God is not difficult, they very easy; but we ought to have faith in the Word and learn to apply it. In this segment, I want to share with you the service notes of the California [USA] meeting with Pastor Chris through the invitation of Pastor Benny. If you would like to watch this service, I have included the full video on this service Continue reading “Five Solid Facts of the Gospel”