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Holy Sacraments is one of the most important practices of the Christian Faith.



You can download our Holy Sacrament eBook in PDF here, which includes Water Baptism [class 1 & 2], Holy Communion, and Pre-Marital Counseling

 Now Available in PDF

Special Service: Download this PDF Now

Wedding Ceremony / Baby Dedications / Funeral Services

This eBook are meant for Spiritual Leaders and Ministers. The manual highlights the ‘How to Conduct’ Special Services with step-by-step guides which will help you sharpen you ministry skills and gifts

We have compiled a Collaborated Series of teachings we have done over the last few years. You may download this eBook and use the teachings therein to minister to your members.



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 Collaborated Ministry Teachings Vol.1 Now Available in PDF

This collaboration can be use for personal or corporate edification with some of the best teaching in our ministry during 2018. Keep an eye on this space for Volume 2


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