Church Leadership

It is important to understand that as much as we can train church leaders, potential leaders must feel and develop the calling from God. As men, we may appoint leaders, but if God didn’t call a leader into a specific role for leadership, that leader will find great difficulty in cultivating the right tools for leadership. We address a number of leadership ethics and development in the teachings attached to this page; however, some of our more senior and advance materials are available to leaders in the midst of Gospel Addicts churches only due to the nature and vision of our ministry.

FREE Study Manuals for Individuals & Churches


Every leader must enroll in our Foundation School and pass the examination at completion of all classes. If a student fails the examination, he/she will have to sign-up for the next exam date in giving them enough time to restudy the Foundation Manual to ready themselves to retake a similar exam paper. Our Foundation Manual is available in a Free PDF eBook HERE and may be used in teaching your leaders or for your personal use.

Offering an introduction to leadership, we compiled a short series of insightful teaching on leadership. This Free PDF Download with a 4-in-1 teaching series ‘4 Part Basic Leadership Ethics’ will give you a good understanding on the qualities and character of a true Christian Leader. CLICK HERE to download now [an updated version will be uploaded soon]


At the next level, we offer a more intense Leader Foundation Phase called the Ownership of Leaders at our Foundation School, in which we equip leaders with profound and insightful foundations on which they can build successful and impactful qualities; and taking Ownership as Leaders. This manual is also available in a Free PDF eBook and may be used in teaching your leaders deeper qualities on leadership. CLICK HERE to download now.


Coming Soon:

Leaders Ignite will highlight 12 principles, or pillars as we call them, which will ignite vital characteristic values according to biblical truth which every Christian Leader needs to excel in ministry and life at large. This book is designed to keep leaders sharp and on path with there God-given calling. keep an eye on this space for availability…

This study manual will only be available for in-house members of Gospel Addicts Global Church and to leaders of Gospel Addicts who are qualified through our Higher Formal Ministry Training Modules with Christian Leaders Institute and has been nominated to step out and plant a new church. This topical study manual will equip the commissioned minister with vital tools and knowledge in establishing a new church with its different departments, functions, leadership structure, etc.. after the model structure of Gospel Addicts Global Headquarters.

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Vision Leader will be a soon coming platform for further Leadership Training Programs which we are planning on launching in 2020. Keep an eye on this space for further notice

You can join our FaceBook Community Group here called Vision Leader; a platform for church leaders