Global School of Ministry

Welcome to the Global School of Ministry; a teaching ministry arm of Gospel Addicts Global Church

Our Global School of Ministry offers a series of teaching manuals, designed to develop Called Christian Leaders; and further, Equipping the Church to Lead. Below you will first find a list of titles linked to individual pages [if you are only looking for specific teachings], and second you will find an orderly list of specially designed teaching manuals for Leadership Training, Developing, Coaching, and Mentoring.

Please note: Our second list of PDF eBook Teaching Manuals are set forward in a specific order for teaching; some more intense than others. The order of these teaching manuals is specifically compiled to developing leaders at different levels; Training and Coaching Leaders to mature levels unto a stage where a more personal touch is required in Training and Mentoring Effective Leaders.

Although our Teachings and Study Manuals are designed for ministers to teach and equip their members, we do also invite individuals to download and study these manuals for personal development. Since you might not be familiar with our ministry’s doctrine and way of teaching, we advice that you start from the beginning with our Global Foundation Manual. Although it is a Foundation Manual we use to teach new members and converts, many folks who have been for many years in Christ, as well as ministers themselves, have given positive feedback on how profound this Foundation Manual is. Accompanied with these teaching and study manuals we have included some books by authors outside out side of our ministry, who shares profound insights on leaderships + certain Free Online Courses form the world renowned and accredited Christian Leaders Institute [not compulsory]. As time pass, we will update and upload more teaching and study manuals, but for now, we pray that you enjoy what we have on our shelves – God bless you!

Our Church & Ministry Pages offers a series of teachings linked to developing and growing your church and ministry beyond the Sunday and Mid-week services. Please note that these pages are still under construction as we are constantly adding new content, however, you can view content under the drop-down menu tab titled ‘Church & Ministry’ or the blue links below – more updates are to follow soon

    1. Church & Ministry Pages

1.1 Evangelism & Discipleship / eBook now available in PDF

1.2 Home-Cell & Small-Groups / under construction

1.3 Worship Ministry / Choir / under construction

1.4 Church Leadership Content now available in PDF

1.5 Special Messages like: Christmas, New Year, and Easter Sermons / Holy Sacraments & Collaborated         Teaching Series’ now available in PDF here


  1. Leadership PDF Training & Teaching Manuals



[Please Note: CLI (green links) is the abbreviation for Christian Leaders Institute – Free Online Ministry Courses]

Foundation Phase

2.1.1 Global Foundation Manual [Recommended]

2.1.2 Four-Part Basic Leadership Ethics

Level 1 Leadership

2.2.1    CLI: Getting Started Scholar Course [1 Credit]

2.2.2    CLI: Christian Basics Course [3 Credits]

2.2.3 Ownership of Leaders – Leaders Foundation

2.2.4 Leaders Ignite – Discovering Your Identity [Coming Soon]

Level 2 Leadership

2.3.1    CLI: Deacon Minister Ordination [1 Courses – 1 Credit / 7 Total Credits Hours / Minimum of                       2.00 GPA]

2.3.2 Twenty-One – Irrefutable Laws of Leadership [by John C. Maxwell] – eBook

2.3.3 Laws of Leadership Overview [Coming Soon]

Level 3 Leadership

2.4.1 Evangelism & Discipleship Vol.1

2.4.2 Evangelism & Discipleship Vol.2 [Coming Soon]

2.4.3 Special Services – How to Conduct Wedding Ceremonies / Baby Dedications /

Funeral Services

2.4.4 Holy Sacraments – Holy Communion / Water Baptism / Premarital Counseling

Level 4 Leadership

2.5.1 Healing Ministry

2.5.2    CLI: Commissioned Minister Ordination [13 Courses / 48 Credit Hours / Minimum of 2.00 GPA]

Level 5 Leadership

2.6.1 A Hand Guide to Music Ministry [Coming Soon]

2.6.2 Home-Cells & Small-Groups [Coming Soon]

Level 6 Leadership

2.7.1    CLI: Life-Coaching Course [series to be released soon]

Level 7 Leadership

2.8.1 Pastoral Coaching [Available only for In-House Leaders of Gospel Addicts

Global Church]

Advance Minister Courses:

3 CLI: Bachelor of Divinity Degree Program [34 Courses / 124 Credit Hours / Minimum of 2.00GPA]

This class is a step-by-step guide through the Bachelor of Divinity degree program at Christian Leaders Institute. Students seeking a Bachelor of Divinity degree must first earn the Associate of Divinity degree (minimum of 64 credits).

Ofcourse, all our materials are made available for free in PDF downloadable ebooks, for personal use and for ministers to teach their members – Keep an eye on this space!