Reach Out Campaign

The harvest are plenty [grate indeed], but the workers are few – it is time that the church awakes to yhe call of God!


Over and above the FREE materials like books, the Rhapsody of Realities Daily Devotional Distribution, and our web ministry; Gospel Addicts also take to the streets – Reaching out to lost souls, with healing to the sick and restoration to those with broken hearts. Through active street evangelism, we share love abroad to all we come in contact with. The Bible tells us that it is more blessed to give than to receive; and not only is it joyful to give, but also special to see joy on peoples faces when hope has locate them. Ever extending our reach, we not only give hope; but also bless folks with Bibles, Christian Reading Materials, Food, and Money; reaching out to the Homeless and Rich, the Addict and the Businessman – for salvation is for today, tomorrow is promised to no man.

In your city or town you can do the same thing simply by dressing yourself with a smile, walking with the Holy Spirit, and going in the Name of Jesus. Day-to-day we can make a difference, even if it is just going to the supermarket, walking down the street, taking the bus to work and back, etc… It is more blessed to give; and the rewards are great [Gal.6:9] – We would love to hear some feedback of your evangelistic reach outs, and even team efforts. Let us inspire others to do more; together we can reach the world and make a difference!

You might not always be available to partake in active street evangelism, but don’t rob yourself of the blessings – you can partner with us in our missions as we reach out to our areas. If you wish to do so, then you use our paypal account

or you can send us an EFT to the following details:

Bank Name:     Capitec Bank [South Africa]

Acc.Holder:      Mr. Rudi Ferreira

Acc.Number:  137 834 8433

Branch Code:  470 010

Acc.Type:           Savings

Reference: ‘Your Name + Reach Out’ – Please double check details on payments to be correct; and be blessed!

Send us feedback of your reach outs by completing the mail form below: