June 2019 Prophetic Word

You can download the  June 2019 Prophetic Word here in PDF

The very Word of God is life unto a Christian and unto the entire world. Sadly, however, many are dying for they have not taken a hold of the Word of God. You might not be physically dying anytime soon, but how is your life. Examine yourself: how is your health, your finances, your relationship with others, etc… If there is no to little improvements in the situations concerning your life, then you need to seek out the root of the darkness preventing you from moving forward. By the same life the Word gives us who believes, we are called to give life to others by evangelizing our sphere of contacts. A Christian is God’s conduit between Himself and mankind; we are meant to be life-givers, but in order for us to give life unto others, we must have life in us and we ought to recognize a few things-

Be aware of who you are: Too many Christians are following trends and other people; they don’t know who they are and they copycat other people’s identities. Your true identity is in the Word of God, not in the trends, not in people around you, not according to what the world says…

Be aware of what you have: Again, too many Christians are seeking for things they have been given already. Now you may say: ‘If you have it already, then where is it?’ You need to apply your faith. If you don’t extend your hand when someone gives you something, then how will you take a hold of it? Faith is your spiritual hand in taking a hold of the things God has given you; and Ephesians 1:3 says that God has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly place.

Be aware that you are blessed: To be blessed, you must first be a blesser; this is a God-principle. As a Christian, you don’t give because you have, but you have because you give. This is the first and foremost reason why many walk in some sort of lack. Christianity is not a life of taking; it is a life of giving. The more you give, the more you receive; therefore you are blessed to be a blessing.

The Word of God:


The Word of God illuminates our life. The book of Psalm 119 verse 105 say that the Word is a lamp unto our feet. There is no reason for a Christian to fail in life, except if it be by choice. Now this is a reality many find difficult to believe, saying that life has its ups and downs. If only we give heed to God’s Word, all things hid in darkness will be brought into the light of God’s Word which exposes all things. If you can see the end from the beginning, then you have no reason to fail [Jer.29:11]. You have no reason to stumble and fall if you can see obstacles which may hinder you.

Guidance / Direction

Just as God’s Word has given divine guidance and direction to men and women of old, so too God’s Word still directs us today [2 Timothy 3:16].

Gives Life

The Word of God we find wrapped up in the Bible is God’s Word which proceeded out of His mouth given unto all men. It is this very same Word that God breathed life into the first man [Gen.2:7], the same Word created all things in heaven and on earth [Psa.33:6/Col.1:16], and it is the same Word which upholds and gives everything life today. If you are a born again Christian, then understand that this very same Word is in you today; and as you speak the Word of God, you are filling your atmosphere with life.

“For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also”

[James 2:26]

This month of May 2019 is our month of WORKING the WORD

The only way we can take full advantage of the Word of God given to us this month is to dig into scripture. As you open the Word of God daily to meditate and study, be conscious that the Word of God will illuminate your surroundings, that it will give guidance and divine direction in your life, and that as you receive life from the Word of God, you are enabled to share and give life to others by the same Word. In working the Word of God, you ought to know what you are working; therefore you also ought to study the Word so you may apply it to your life.

Too many Christian is running behind prophets, trying to get a personal word from the man of God. The biggest problem these prophet hunters have is not working the Word. How many prophecies must be given before you act on it? How many times will you seek confirmation before you put the Word to work? Eliminate the unnecessary struggle and check the prophetic against the written Word of God. Prophesy will always be confirmed in the written Word of God. Stop chasing the prophets and start revisiting the prophetic words you have received in the pass. Start recalling each, one-by-one; and start working the Word you have received. God might just not give you another word until you have worked what He has already given you. As I said, the prophetic word that true prophets speak aligns with the Word of God. For you to enjoy all the benefits of the written Word of God, you must study it and apply it – you are responsible to take the logos [written Word] and turn it into rhema [spoken Word –or- working Word]. God has given you His Word, so start working His Word to get results in your life!

I declare over you this month of June, your life will be illuminated by the Light of God’s Word. Whatsoever darkness there is will be extinguished in Jesus Name. The Word of God will guide your every step and give you divine direction as you journey unto fulfilling your God-given calling in life. As you have life in the Word, so you will give life unto others. You are God’s expressed image to your world; you are the light of the world. A city on a hilltop can’t be hid; so are you in this world. Your light gives life to all those around you; and wherever you go, your life is impacting and changing the lives of others in Jesus Name – Hallelujah! Go now and work the Word…

2019 Prophecies

Year of Divine Restoration

Feb. – Increase Faith

Mar. – Advancement

Apr. – Triumph

May. – Reaping Rewards

Join us where you are in partaking in COMMUNION

prepare for yourself and loved ones a cup of red grape juice and a piece of bread

Place your hands over the cup and bread; and pray thus:

‘Dear Lord God; I ask you to bless this cup as it represents the blood of Your dear Son,

Jesus Christ; and also bless this bread as it represents the body of our Lord Jesus which was broken for us. Let Your Spirit be released over these items and bless us as we partake in communion as You have commanded us. In the name of Jesus – Amen!’

Let’s read together; Matthew 26:26-28

“And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed it, and broke it and gave it to the disciples, and said: Take, eat, this is my body. And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying: Drink ye of it. For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins. But I say unto you, I will not drink henceforth of this fruit of the wine, until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father’s kingdom.”

Before partaking in the cup and bread, take a moment and release all types of unforgiveness; clear your heart and mind, and forgive the trespasses of anyone who might have wronged you in any way; for 1 Cort.11:27 says that anyone who partakes of the cup and bread in an unworthy manner is drinking condemnation unto themselves.

Take up the cup and give thanks. Thank the Lord for being the ultimate sacrifice for all

mankind’s sins, for taking your place on the cross so that you may have salvation.

Drink from the cup – Amen!

Break the bread and give thanks. Thank the Lord once again for giving Himself up, for His body being broken so that it may be well with you. Isa.53:5 says that by His stripes you were healed; therefore, you walk in divine health as the curse of sickness and disease has been broken from your life.

Break the bread and eat – Amen!

Declaration: Dear Lord God, I thank You for Your Word in my life; illuminating my path and giving me clear sight of things that is and that’s to come; for guiding me in the affairs of life and giving me direction in the way of righteousness and the way I should go; and for giving me life to share with those in my sphere of contacts. As I embark on life’s endeavors, the Light within me extinguish the darkness around me, my path is made clear and straight, leading me unto souls in need of Your eternal Word and salvation. Freely I have received, and freely I will give as You have mandated me to do Lord – Hallelujah!