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The ministry of Gospel Addicts Global has a big vision in reaching the world with the knowledge and understanding of Who Jesus is, what He came to do, and the plan of salvation which are freely available to all that believe – as to the many people we have reached around the world already. A vision like this needs partners, for together we can reach the world. The more partners we have the more effective the international office of the ministry can be in establishing continental offices and out reach programs Globally; evangelizing the world with the Gospel. If you wish to partner, give towards outreach programs, tithes, or simply sowing, then you can do so by making an EFT payment to the banking details below…

Bank Name:     Capitec Bank [South Africa]

Acc.Holder:      Mr. Rudi Ferreira

Acc.Number:  137 834 8433

Branch Code:  470 010

Acc.Type:           Savings

Reference: ‘Your Name + Partnership / Tithe / Offering’ – Please choose which are your payments – Please double check details on payments to be correct; and be blessed!

All proceeds will be used for the furthering of the Gospel as this is our year of Flourishing


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