The Full Armour of God

The world we live in is corrupt, filled with lies and deception;  over and above all, it is filled with false doctrines. Our lives are so complicated that our minds automatically complicates even simple things in life. The Word of God many times and by many are understood in difficulty, yet we don’t realize it because of our complicated lives. The Word of God is simple; it is easy to understand, because the Spirit of God in those who believe teaches us how to understand it. Yes, simple things are twisted and understandings are being altered, instead of keeping it in the simple form of which the Bible teaches us things. Continue reading “The Full Armour of God”


The Gates of the Kingdom

We share on the lines of the Seven Fold Works of Perfection last week; and as promised, we are continuing our teaching with the Gates of the Kingdom, taking you through the 10 gates of Jerusalem as shown to us in the book of Nehemiah – which is symbolic to the cycle of every Christian’s life – vital for Christian living. Continue reading “The Gates of the Kingdom”

Seven Fold Works of Perfection

Most of us will agree that the number 7 (seven) stands for God’s number of completion (also perfection or fullness), according to biblical meaning. In this teaching, we will share and bring our readers an understanding on the process of completeness from our works unto perfection; but first, we will look at some passages in scripture relating to the number 7 / completion / perfection. Talking in the biblical sense; when something is brought unto completion, it has been perfected; therefore we will look Continue reading “Seven Fold Works of Perfection”

Victim or Victor

Some wonder sometimes at if Jesus had defeated satan and had overcome the world, why then is the demonic so active in our world. Knowledge and understanding of God’s Word is life unto those who believe. Through the testimony of God’s Word given to us, we can come to the understanding that satan is truly a defeated foe; however, without the knowledge of God’s Word, he can still easily deceive us. Continue reading “Victim or Victor”

Basic Form of Evangelism

Most folks think that in order to step out and evangelize your sphere of contacts means that you must be called an evangelist; and that’s not true. We all have heard that the number one purpose of God’s calling in our lives as Christian believers are to evangelize our world and sphere of contacts. Some are called to be an evangelist, but they are to teach and lead groups – which are for the perfecting of the saints (Eph.4:12). The called evangelist is part of the main members of the body of Christ. Continue reading “Basic Form of Evangelism”

The Free Gift of Faith

Before we get started on the topic of faith in this session; I want to exalt you to open your heart to God’s Word through a short and simple prayer before reading on. As I speak about faith, I believe that faith will be built up in you; and you will grow in faith as the word are shared. Some of the content might be things you know, but there are certain revelational knowledge being shared below which will take your faith to the next level – Amen! Pray for 5mins in the Spirit… Continue reading “The Free Gift of Faith”

Blessed from Above

Many Christians in today’s society uses the excuse for not being active in the church, church programs, and evangelistic programs; because their work are to demanding. It is the devil who had caused you to live a lie. What does it profit a man to have a good job and be wealthy, but looses his/her salvation? Proverbs 10:22 says: “It’s the Lord’s blessings that makes you wealthy, hard work can make you no richer.” Continue reading “Blessed from Above”