The Product of Your Life

Before I get started with this short teaching; I want to explain something about the working of the human body. There is a feeling you get in your heart when something physical is not right [this is commonly known as medical conditions]. There is also a feeling you get in your heart which is an emotional feeling. This emotional feeling is a direct tie to the soul of man; and the human mind house the soul. The emotions which are created within the soul can be felt even in the heart’s location; and so we commonly say that our heart feels sore when we are hurt by loved ones, or our hearts might be feeling bubbly because we happy. You may not be able to explain this emotional Continue reading “The Product of Your Life”


The Man in the Mirror

The man in the mirror is a reflection of who you are in Christ. This man should always be viewed through the Word of God. If one only looks at the natural man seen in the natural mirror, you will reap a carnal understanding of the person God had made you to be; but what about the spiritual aspect of the very man God had made. Now we can understand that when the Bible speaks about a man, it speaks both of male and female – mankind.

This teaching is available in PDF – The Man in the Mirror Continue reading “The Man in the Mirror”

The Recreated Man

You can now download the PDF format of this teaching here The Recreated Man

We know the story of Adam and Eve who sinned against God in the Garden of Eden [Genesis 2]; and due to that sinful nature which developed in them which corrupted them and all of mankind, causing a world of chaos as we know it today. After many attempts, God saw only one way for man to turn back to Him; and that was to recreate mankind. In the beginning of the Old Testament God made man to rule the earth and for eternity worship the Lord from here on earth; but in the beginning of the New Testament God recreated man, this time to be like Continue reading “The Recreated Man”

Discovering Your Calling

For many the topic on discovering your calling or knowing what God wants you to do is a hasty topic. It is somewhat sad to see some Christians reaching what’s to be the end of their race in this life and never came to discover what God wanted them to do; and over and above that, that they never even started to fulfill that calling. Many say; God doesn’t speak to us like He did to the people in the Old Testament; and in many cases it is Continue reading “Discovering Your Calling”

The Simplicity of Christianity [Part 2]

The Christ-like Mind

Most folks today in the church think it is impossible to have the Christ-like mind; yet throughout scripture, we see men and women demonstrating this reality.  Most probably the best example other than Jesus Himself was Paul [this goes to show that even a mere man can…]. The author of three-quarters of the New Testament expressed the mind of Christ in his writings to the church; but how did he do this. We see a pattern throughout scripture Continue reading “The Simplicity of Christianity [Part 2]”

The Simplicity of Christianity

Know that You Know [Part 1]

So many times Christians and the church at large complicate their comprehension of God’s plan for mankind and the personal Word of God to us; and most of the time this is because we think that we can’t understand the mind of God. The answer will of course be yes if we don’t walk in the Spirit; but if you walk in the Spirit, then that is the very purpose of the Spirit, to make known to us who believes the thinking of God towards us and mankind – His eternal plan for mankind. As David had said in Psalm 67:2 [TLB] Continue reading “The Simplicity of Christianity”

It Is The Lord’s Purpose That Prevails

Selfishness and insecurities leads people in doing to others what they don’t want done to themselves. Although the Bible tells us to do unto others as we would to be done unto us [Matt.7:12]; even as Christians we tend to ignore that. Who have you cheated, who have you lied to, who have you deceived with cleverly though plans of conning…
These type of folks are always suspicious of others; thinking that others are out to get them or cheat them because they themselves are doing such things. You have heard the age all saying Continue reading “It Is The Lord’s Purpose That Prevails”