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All Pst. Rudi’s materials and ebooks are available FREE of Charge, he writes ebooks and author study manuals purely for donations which are used for assisting the needy and underprivileged – if you would like to support this vision, you can visit our Vision Partner Page – God bless you!

Welcome to our Online eBookstore, where you can find all our ministry Teaching Books and Manuals. The aim of Gospel Addicts Global Church is to equip the church to lead; and through many priceless hours, we have composed some comprehensive and profound materials for your use and growth – be it as an individual or as a minister / ministry, you are welcome to download these books and teach your members.

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Latest Releases:

Volume 1 – We will cover most of the book of Revelation, with special focus on the signs of the end-times [anti-Christ being revealed] and events which follows [the Great Tribulation]. Focus will be on the rapture of the church, in preparing each Christian for the ‘first flight’. The aim of this volume is to ready ourselves with understanding for the rapture of the church [also referred to the ‘gathering’ or ‘first flight’]. We will reference many of the foretold prophecies; and also insert relevant recourse and materials of history and current events, which will help us identify our timeline in the Book of Revelation. Another focus in this volume will also be to identify actual and literal meanings, symbolic explanations, and the use of metaphors.

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Highly Recommended:

Evangelism & Discipleship vol.1

Evangelism & Discipleship Vol 2

Evangelism & Discipleship Vol 1 & 2

Evangelism is a vital part of a Christian’s daily life; having that there’s 7.5 Billion people in the world and counting, with a mere 2.5 Billion Christians, there’s a real need that we fulfill our God-given mandate to evangelize our world – CLICK HERE to view the real time World Population Clock, with deaths, births, and largest country population clocks

These books, content and links, is meant for both the individual Christian as well as the corporate function of the evangelistic office.

Choose between a 1 or 2 Year Bible Reading Plan with a comprehensive Bible Timeline to help you understand the Bible and God’s redemption plan from the beginning to the end



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The Bible Timeline:

The Bible Timeline eBook is a short book designed and compiled to accompany your personal Bible study times, helping you to better understand the Bible in simplicity as a whole as we have summarized the unveiling of God’s plan for mankind. This booklet is especially insightful when use together with a good Bible reading plan. See below 1 Year Bible Reading Plan


1 Year Bible Reading Plan

Our 1 Year Bible Reading Plan offers short daily readings which will guide you in reading the entire Bible in just 1 year. This 2 page guided booklet will also help you understand the Bible better as it was designed in proportion for understanding the scripture at large. Lastly, this booklet will also come in handy when using some of our other teaching manuals.


Global Foundation School Teaching Manual:

From the entry level of your faith to the most senior levels in ministry, this Foundation School Manual serves as a comprehensive teaching manual that will bring you into the light of God’s Word, making plain and simple even the most questioned portions of scripture. With great insight, this teaching manual covers the whole topic of your new found faith and Christianhood, equipping each individual with sound truths in living the Higher Life in Christ Jesus.

Healing Ministry eBook:

Being an extension of our ministry’s Healing Ministry Arm, this ebook offers faith filled       teachings, insightful health articles, faith proclamations, prayers, and much more; building you up in faith to receive your healing / miracle today. Go to our online Healing Ministry Page

Bible School: Topical Study Manual

2020 Release: We are excited to inform you that we are hard at work in compiling an Bible School Manual, with 124 classes specially designed to run over a period of 2 years and 6 months. This book can be used as an individuals, but are designed to equip members of churches with sound topical teaching on the Word of God through weekly classes. Also included in the module are two external courses on the Old and New Testament Surveys, revealing God’s plan for redemption tracked from Genesis to Revelations. This external course includes an accredited Christian Leaders Bible Award, accompanied with a Bible School Certificate for those who have completed the 2½ years Bible School Course and a graduation ceremony.

Evangelism & Discipleship – Vol.1

Most born again Christians have no idea how to do evangelism, so they just avoid the topic, or they think that only the leaders, pastors, or evangelistic office of the church are responsible to win souls. Jesus commissioned us to evangelize our sphere of contacts [see Matt. 28:19-20 & Acts 1:8 and also Mark 16:15-18] – however, evangelism does not stop by winning a soul, you are also responsible to disciple the new convert. In this 1st volume of Evangelism and Discipleship, we look at various ways we can embark on evangelism on a personal level as well as a corporate level; helping you understand the command ‘God’ and also how to care for souls through connecting them to the body of Christ.

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Collaborated Series’:

An all-in-one book, containing all our ministry’s teaching series’ for those who wants to tap deeper into the realities of God’s Word for Christian living. This ebook also serves as a base upon which ministers for other churches can teach their members on topical subjects through its range of teachings.

Visit our Teaching Series Page for individual Series Downloads

Collaborated Teachings – Vol.1:

We have selected some of our most popular teaching from over the past year and compiled it into a collaboration for you, with a 110 pages of insightful revelations on the Word of God. This ebook can be use for individual growth, or a resource for pastors to teach their members.

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Holy Sacraments [Communion/Water-Baptism/Pre-Marital]:

In this ebook, we share some fundamental insights on the Holy Communion and Water Baptism together with how to conduct these secret services in the Lord’s House. Also included is an entire section on how to do pre-marital counseling with step-by-step topics and examples that can be followed to ensure that the couple you are counseling understand the commitment they are planning on entering – this will ready them for a life long journey, not only as a couple, but being coupled to the Lord in a tri-union relationship.

Special Services [Weddings/Dedications/Funerals]:

Our new ebook, Holy Sacraments, is a comprehensive teaching book which includes the how to conduct a Wedding Ceremony / Baby Dedication / and Funeral Services. You will learn how to pre-counsel couples and families in these areas, as well as how to conduct each with example sermons on these topics. This book was compiled for ministers of the Word, especially those who has newly started up a church, or want to expand in their services and works for the Kingdom of God.

4 Part Basic Leadership Ethics:

Forming a basic introduction into Christian Leadership, this book offers 4 practical articles and teachings on the subject of leadership, the importance of leadership, the forgotten art of leadership, and biblical leadership qualities. This also serves as a preface of our Leaders Foundation Manual

[see next]

The Leader Foundation:

Yet another profound and insightful teaching manual, especially composed for effective leadership principles with valuable personal and corporate development in church and ministry effectiveness. We invite ministers and leaders alike to download this ebook and teach their members these priceless principles, which in hand will equip the church for effective leading in their communities.


Leader Ignite:

Coming Soon: This book will offer principle teachings on how a minister can ignite his/her leaders for church growth; looking at some fundamental biblical practices from the early church which is still applicable and effective in our lives today. Church is not a one man practice or ‘business’; God has given us many member when He said: ‘Go and make disciples…’ [Matt.28:19-20], therefore, we ought to support and mentor others to assist in ministry for the greater works of the Kingdom.

Pastoral Coaching:

Available In-House Only: Due to the nature of the teachings of this book, which are broadly based on the structure of Gospel Addicts Global Church, this book will only be available to In-House Leaders of the ministry; mentoring leaders to step out and open new churches, with step-by-step teachings on how we plant and grow our churches in different areas.

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Many Christian, yet called to liberty, still live a life of bondage. This is mainly due to the manipulative counterfeit of the devil. This book brings into light some profound principle teaching on living a higher life, beyond reproach; and helps readers to develop a victory mindset. Jesus won for our sake, He took our sins so that we don’t have to pay the price, He rose to victory so that we can be victorious, He imparts His Spirit into everyone who believes so that we can live the glorious life man was created to live. Get the right perspective on spiritual warfare and start living your life from the position where He has brought you unto, beyond the battlefield.

Special Book Inserts:

Now That You Are Born Again  by Pastor Chris

The Power of Praying in Tongues by Pastor Chris

Other Links:

Prayer of Salvation [with 93 languages]

4 Week Daily Health Realities – Faith Proclamation Chart

Rhapsody of Realities – Monthly Daily Devotional

Free Accredited Higher Formal Ministry Training – Christian Leaders Institute

Bible Gateway – Online Bible App

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We pray that you be blessed by these books and our ministry. If you have been touch and would like to partner with us on the journey in evangelising our world, Click Here

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