Monthly Prophesy

We will be sharing on a monthly basis the prophecies given by the Lord for our guidance and living on this platform. Prophecies will be posted the day after the 1st Sunday of every month – be sure not to miss these post…

2017 – Our year of Flourishing [Psa.92]

July 2017 – Month of Expansion

June 2017 – Month of Prayer

May 2017 – Month of Meditation [Success]

April 2017 – Month of Increased Knowledge

March 2017 – Month of Insight

February 2017 – Month of Prophecy

2016 – Our year of Unstoppable Spreading


Previous Months 2016:

The month of November was our month of MOVING FORWARD [Jude 1:20-21]

The month of September was our month of GATHERING SHEAVES [Ps.126:5-6]

The month of October was our month of INCREASED GRACE [1Cor.3:10]


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