Mission Statement

Our Mandated Vision is: ‘At Gospel Addicts Global Church we develop Ministers for Christian Leading and Leadership, such as; Pastors, Teachers, Apostles, Evangelist, and Prophets. We offer Life-Coaching in developing spiritual gifts; and Mentorship for Accredited Higher Formal Ministry Training. Being not only an active ministry, but a proactive ministry; our focus is JESUS, our message is the Gospel, our task is the Great Commission’

[And the things thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same thou commit to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also – 1 Timothy 2:2]

Mission Statement

‘Bringing men and women alike unto the greater truth, equipping them as leaders to become effective witnesses for Jesus with a win, train, send mindset. We are a family of radical believers, reaching the lost at any cost. Gospel Addicts is a place from where changing the world starts from within.’

Our Vision

‘Bringing the Gospel in simplicity with profound revelations on the Word of God to societies around the world; winning souls, training believers, and sending leaders into the world to influence their sphere of contacts with the truth of God’s Word. Our focus is Jesus, our message is the Gospel, and our task is the Great Commission’

Ministry Aim

‘To teach men, women and youth alike globally with the Word of God; imparting valuable Truths in order to raise up Called Christian Leaders who will take their cities for Jesus through active evangelism.’

Ministry Objective

‘Awakening in Christians the zeal to make manifest Christ unto the eagerly awaiting world the sons of God; and delivering the free gift of salvation; with a win – equip – send mentality’