Introduction to the Healing Ministry

This platform will give you insightful information, not only to receive healing, but also how to maintain your healing. We have open lines to assist and counsel you in healing. Contact us at +27 79 247 1722 or Whatsapp [GMT] – don’t delay; God wants you well and He is bigger than any sickness or illness you might be experiencing!


As a healing minister, there are certain things I discovered through the Word of God and furthermore through the ministering of the Holy Spirit. First is that not every person who comes seeking healing receives healing into their bodies. Secondly, not every person who receives healing into their bodies has the capacity to maintain their healing. Thirdly, distance and the medium through which healing takes place is not a factor.

In the first case; it is of vital importance that the Word of God be ministered, building the individuals faith. As it is written that faith comes by hearing the Word of God [Romans 10:17]. Also in Luke 9:2 it is written that we are to preach the Kingdom of God and heal the sick. Now, the healing spoken of hear are physical, mentally and spiritual healing; but in this segment we will focus on physical and mental healing, as the rest of the website deals with spiritual well-being. Although we minister the Word of God; it is depending on the capacity of the individual to receive the Word of God into their heart. Some call themselves Christians, yet they don’t believe the Word of God. Like with Jesus, those in His own home town couldn’t receive anything from Jesus because they did not believe in Him [Luke 4:14-30]. The folks of Nazareth said they believe in God, but they didn’t believe in the One God has sent, therefore they couldn’t receive anything from Jesus. We don’t need to convince folks that the Gospel we preach is the Truth of God; but through our living signs will follow us. “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover” [Mark 16:17-18]. As we are speaking about healing; I want to highlight two portions of the verses quoted. The first is; ‘In my name shall they cast out devils…’ There are some sicknesses caused by devils [or demons]; and the sickness might of been brought forth due to certain sins;which has opened doors for demons to impart sickness. Like the sin of lust; which commonly bring about sexual diseases. It can also cause a number of other issues, but as we are on the topic of healing, we will look at only that for now. The Bible also mention that the root of cancer is unforgiveness/bitterness [Proverbs 14:30]. When we study the Word of God in depth, we will discover many causes for sickness; some caused by demons and others caused by the condition of our mind.

The second portion of the verses quoted that I want to highlight here is; ‘…they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.’ Note that in the verse portion we are not to touch the demon possessed, by in the Name of Jesus we are to cast them out. In the second portion we are to lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. However, when we study the scripture with understanding and diligence, we will discover that you can’t simply go about casting out demons in Jesus Name. First we have to reach the understanding of a demon possessed person by ministering salvation unto them; then the person should be willing to receive the Word of God and to be freed from the evil spirits. Jesus did so; and one of the verses in scripture is that of the man with the spirits of legends [Matthew 8:31]. Jesus didn’t just cast out the demons; but it was after that the man show what Jesus done that he approached Jesus and asked to be free. While in the latter part of verse 18 in Mark chapter 16; we will identify that the laying on of hands are accompanied by the ministering of the Word of God. Like we seen in Luke 9:2; ‘Preach the Kingdom of God and heal the sick.’ The Word first needs to enter, then healing can take place. Without the Word, healing is not possible. In all the healing accounts of Jesus, we will notice that is was after people heard about what Jesus is doing that they came to receive healing. Jesus is the Word of God, therefore we must minister Jesus [the Word] unto the sick. Some people’s faith are so build up by just hearing the Word of God, that they are healing during hearing the Word. I have experience in some cases that while ministering the Word from the pulpit, the Holy Spirit led me just to walk though the congregation and touch certain people; not knowing if they were sick or not. Then after service or at the next service they will come with testimonies of what was wrong and how they received healing. Therefore, it is of vital importance to minister the Word of God first and then listen for the instruction from the Spirit and apply it.

In the second case of our opening statement; not every person who receives healing into their bodies has the capacity to maintain their healing. Some folks has the capacity to receive healing, but don’t have the knowledge to maintain it. Certain sins brings about sickness; and if we don’t equip folks with the knowledge [like what we do in our weekly teaching] then they might receive healing and continue to sin; causing the sickness to come back again. The confession of the mouth is also very important. Some might receive healing and a few days, weeks or even months; they start feeling the same symptoms they had before; and instead of confessing their good health they start wondering and soon confessing that the sickness is back. We should so believe the Word of God that no matter what we see, hear or feel should be able to move us. We must be moved by the Word of God only [Colossians 1:23] – and the Word says of us that we are healed [Isaiah 53:5]. Equip yourself with the knowledge of the Word of God. When you have received healing, there are certain things you got to change about yourself. Find out what caused you to be sick in the first place. It might have been an unhealthy diet, or unforgiveness, anger, jealousy, envy, or even other types of sin. Find out where the root was and change your living from that to what God’s Word says about it. You might want to seek spiritual counseling for this matter; but don’t neglect it.

In our third point made in our opening portion, distance and the medium through which healing takes place is not a factor. Some folks think that God can’t heal them through someone over a phone, message, or a prayer from a distance. We should never limit God. I had a case where one of the brothers from church Whatsapp me saying that his mother has passed on; but she wasn’t born again and he wants the time to minister salvation unto her. As I prayed and asked the Lord what to do in this case, the Lord said: ‘Son, minister life and let her be raised up!’ With that, I messaged the brother and asked him if I can come and pick him up to go to where his mother is; but he replied and said that his mother is over 500km away from where we are. I turned again to the Lord and asked Him, what I must do now. The Lord answered me again; ‘Son, minister life and let her be raised up!’ So I went into my room and start praying life into her body. While she was over 500km away from us; the Lord showed me in my spirit that she has received life. I messaged the brother again and told him to contact his mother, she is well. He did so, to find out that she woke up in front of the doctor who declared her dead. He managed to travel to her and minister salvation unto her and she gave her life to the Lord. I told you this, not because I want praise, but because I want you to understand that nothing is impossible with God [Luke 1:37]. No medium or distance is to great for our God; but if you can believe, it will be. It is impossible to please God without faith [Hebrews 11:6].

There is a diversity of reason why Christians get sick, and in the next teaching we will share some of these points. Click the video below to listen to a message of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome [world renowned healing minister] on the topic ‘Why do Christian get sick’

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