the-misconcept-of-spiritualIt is important to know that satan has a plan just as much as God has a plan for mankind. It is also important to know what satan’s plan is. Satan’s kingdom is a counterfeit to God’s Kingdom. He imitates the truth, yet it will never be the truth, for there is one truth and one truth only; the Word of God. For as long as time existed, satan has deceived mankind with what seems to be truth. With a cleverly camouflaged plan, devil deceives mankind with the counterfeit of the truth, while he is running chaos in the world to distract even Christians from his real plan. This causes spiritual blindness as we tend to be so focused on social evils that we don’t even recognise when satan is standing right beside us or even face-to-face with us.

A counterfeit imitates the truth, he makes his way look as real as the real thing, yet it’s not real at all. Pretty much like you will get a counterfeit for money, although it looks very real, it remains a counterfeit and fraud of the real thing. Satan leads people parallel alongside the path of God; the only difference is at the end his path forks with that of God, taking his followers into eternal destruction. Satan knows the Word of God; and most probably better than any man knows it. Satan was the highest ranking angelic being in existence, all the angels offered their worship to God through satan; and satan used to present it to God. That is until satan tried to conspire against God. In exposing himself through pride and greed, satan corrupted his own anointing and was cast out of Heaven with one-third of the angels who followed him. However, we see in the book of Jude, when Michael had a confrontation with satan, Michael recognised satan’s rank and rebuked him in the name of the Lord. Satan, although he corrupted his own anointing, still had his power, that’s until Jesus came, died on the cross, went into hades and stripped him from it all. Therefore we must be diligent in seeking the leading of the Holy Spirit in understanding the Bible – be diligent in searching the scripture to not just know the Truth, but to understand the Truth.

Always giving heed to the ministry of the Holy Spirit, we can be equipped to accomplish the task given to us; that is fulfilling the mandate of active evangelism – “Go ye therefore and make disciples…” (Matt.28:19-20). God’s desire is for man not only to know Him, but also to have a close relationship with Him. We can only establish such an intimate relationship with God when we diligently seek out the very character of God through His Word. Therefore, the first step in this book is revealing the plan of satan and exposing him as the counterfeit he is; and secondly, revealing God the Father and the nature which the born again Christian is born of.

We are to preach the Gospel to the lost and teach the Word of God to those who obtained salvation already. I say obtained; because in God’s eyes, the whole world had been saved – just not everyone have received their salvation yet, because they unaware of it. It takes believing in your heart and confessing with your mouth to obtain what was given freely to all men.

The Misconcept of Spiritual Realities, by Rudi Ferreira / Gospel Addicts Global