Foreword by Pastor Pierre Djuimo

the-misconcept-of-spiritualAs you have notice, this book consists of 8 chapters, a spiritual number with a symbolic meaning of ‘New Beginnings’. The symbolic meaning of the number 7 is ‘Completion’. With this, the aim of the book: ‘The Misconcept of Spiritual Realities’ is to bring the reader to a completion of revealing the misconception; and lead the reader into a new beginning of living life fuller as a believer.

“It is my humble pleasure and honor, to recommend the works of our Lord Jesus from the hands of the writer and author of this great book. The Word of God let us know that: ‘The Lord gave the word: and great was the company of those that published it.’ Be conscious of the fact that this Gospel must cover the whole earth as the water covers the sea. I give praise to the primary Author of this book Who is the Holy Spirit, Who in a very short space of time has matured this man of God (the author of this book) by equipping him with some great spiritual gifts: Humility, patience, contentment, a teachable spirit and respect of the Anointing; the fear of the Lord…

In order to reveal and expose the plans of our enemy the devil, as it is given in this book, you must have been a good and passionate student of The Word of God; and only mature Sons of God like the author can accurately hear and do His Will. Life is spiritual; and failing to recognize and acknowledge this truth can only lead God’s children into a wrong direction and decision making in life. I am blessed to see that in this book the secret to live a victorious life in Christ is revealed, in the most practical and simple to apply way.

As we meditate on these spiritual principles, written in this book, we will surely realise that satan, and all his cohorts are not a factor for a born again child of God; and this is therefore the beginning of “The Higher life” that we have been called to.”

Foreword from Tania Ferreira [Rudi’s Wife]

The first time I read this book, I was taken back by what I experienced. Firstly I would like to explain a bit about my husband, Rudi. He was never the type of person that would ever read or write anything. He would always ask me to read things and then give him a summary of what I have read. When he told me that he had written a book and he would like me to edit it, I was awestruck. Take note, English isn’t his first language. Within the time my husband is born again, he has grown tremendously spiritually [like I’ve never seen before]; to a point that I have to double check that it is my husband. Every time I read his teachings, I am awestruck of how the Lord is using him. With the profound revelations and insights that he receives, it makes it so easy for anyone to understand the Word. While reading his writings, I also learn a lot; and when I do the editing, I love the process it takes me through as I experience growth myself.

There are so many important things that we miss out on, because we are so focused on everyday life that we often forget the simple things in life. In this book, while reading, you will have that awestruck moments. You would want to read each chapter more than once, just so that it can penetrate and sit in your spirit so that you can apply the revelation you will get from these writings. You will experience a change within yourself and be compelled to apply what you have learned. While Rudi has been following his calling, it was a challenge at first for me and our children; but once I saw how God is using him to touch many broken souls globally, those challenges seemed to become small. Rudi is a well gifted teacher of the Word of God. I had witnessed myself how the preaching of the Word of God heal people, how through speaking with authority in the name of Jesus can cast out devils; and even how dead bodies respond to the Word of God, regaining life. With faith filled teachings, I have seen and read many testimonies of how the Word of God had not only impacted peoples’ lives, but also transformed their lives from glory to glory.

I thank the Lord for what He has done in the life of my husband and family’s life; and for all the people that have been inspired through the teaching the Lord gives Rudi. I also thank the Lord for using my husband for this ministry, because it has made him a better husband and father to our children.

The Misconcept of Spiritual Realities, by Rudi Ferreira / Gospel Addicts Global