Our Ministry Mandate


The world is following fast in virtual reality; which in simplicity is things not seen made reality. Virtual Reality dates back billions of years [believe it or not]; and is a biblical concept.
The meaning of virtual is:
*Virtuality – the quality of having the attributes of something without sharing its [real or imagined] physical
*Virtual – being such in power, force, or effect, though not actually or expressly such…


When we think carefully on this, we will discover that visions given by God to prophets of old [and even today], is an actual virtual reality. Seeing such visions makes it real to the senses, while not seeing such visions make the reality thereof not a reality. With this insight, we clearly see that the virtual world was ushered in by God Himself. The internet is an idea inspired by God and therefore must be used to reach the unreached world. Today we can connect with anyone on any part of the globe through the internet. Some platforms on the internet is more real than others; and this is the vision the Lord gave Gospel Addicts – to make the church real to people across the globe; especially to those who can’t freely walk into a church building and fellowship without their lives being in danger, because Christianity is not allowed in their country. Therefore, the aim of a Global Virtual Church is not to take people out of the church building, but rather taking the church to those who cannot freely go to a church. The Global Virtual Church is also a platform for every Christian to grow outside of the church they attending; as well as a soul winners platform whereby we welcome everyone to participate by simply sharing with friend, family and social networking the ministry links.

Be part of the largest platform the Gospel is being preach from; the Global Virtual Platform!


‘Gospel Addicts is a hardcore ministry, bringing men and women alike unto the greater truth, equipping them to become effective for Jesus with a win, train, send mindset. We are a family of radical believers, reaching the lost at any cost. Gospel Addicts is a place from where changing the world starts from within.’

Ministry Vision:

‘To teach men, women and youth alike globally with the Word of God; imparting valuable Truths in order to raise up leaders who will take their cities for Jesus through active evangelism.’

Ministry Aim:

‘Pulling down walls of false doctrine and rebuilding walls of faith with the Truth of God’s Word, instilling a sound mind that is not conformed to this world, but transformed by the renewing of minds to know what is the good, acceptable and perfect Will of God, through reaching the world with the Gospel.’

Ministry Objective:

‘Awakening in Christians the zeal to make manifest Christ unto the eagerly awaiting world the sons of God; and the free gift of salvation; with a win – equip – send mentality.’

Know that you are blessed!