Life Testimony of Rudi Ferreira

Read the life testimony of the founder of the Ministry of Gospel Addicts Global Virtual Church; and be inspired to help others and preach salvation unto them.


In Rudi Ferreira’s own words:

“I grew up in the cty of Durban, located in South Africa. My dad was never around due working out on road construction. My mom was a very strict house wife and mother. I always use to here about Jesus, but never truly believed. Every time I looked at Christians, I couldn’t understand why they preach Jesus and how He changed their lives, when I could clearly still see them living double lives. While still writing my final exams in High School, my mom fell very ill in hospital; and on arriving home, I saw a moving truck busy loading our furniture. Asking my dad, ‘What’s going on?’, he answered me saying, ‘We moving to another city, if you want to come then get your stuff…’ Because I was already working during my final exams, I decided to stay, even I had no place to live; and hurt by the fact that my dad didn’t say anything about moving.

A year later, my mom and dad got divorced; and I got involved with many wrong things. At the age of 20, I was on drugs and a full blow alcoholic. Wth living a life that required more than my monthly salary; I started looking for other was to support my habits. Starting small, I got involved in theft, which grew very quickly in demanding more, leading me to start a syndicate hitting all the local trade ports. Life was good (at least at that time I taught so), with having hundreds and even thousands to spend on a daily basis. although I never got into real hardcore drugs, I started drinking excessivly, hanging out in night clubs every night and partying like their is no tomorrow. With expensive fast cars, gambling and racing at illegal street races.

Blinded by the amount of money I was making running a syndicate, I got deeper into living a life unto eternal death. I met my wife during this time, who fell pregnant soon after we met. She never knew about what I was involved in, until a few years later. Although I said I will stop, I just couldn’t. Two years after my first son was born, the entire syndicate consisting of 14 members, together with myself was arrested. In jail awaiting trail, with millions of rands of charges against me; I prayed for the first time in my life. I remember my prayer clearly. I prayed: ‘O God, Father – what do I call you? I don’t know You, and don’t know if You are listing; but if You can get me out of this mess, I will serve you with my life.’ Our final court hearing was coming up the next day, and the advocate I hired already prepared me, saying: ‘I tried my best, but the public prosecutor’s deal is a 20 to 25 year prison sentence for you; we’ll have to hear from the judge tomorrow…’

With all odds against me; and with inmates trying to kill me on the morning of my final court hearing, God answered my prayer. The judge very words was: ‘I don’t know why I’m doing this; I want to sentence you to 25 years in prison, but something is telling me not too.’ The outcome of my final hearing was, two years under house arrest with a five year suspended sentence. I couldn’t believe it! While on the underside of freedom, I very quickly forgot about my promise to God.

It took me ten years before I gave my life to the Lord. I tried to get my life in order before starting to serve the Lord; I stopped using drugs, I stopped drinking, and I stopped stealing. However, I was still a terrible person, just replacing my previous sin with other sins. I knew I couldn’t continue like this; and I needed more in life, still forgetting the promise I made to the Lord. However, the Lord reminded me one Sunday morning. I couldn’t sleep, so I got up, put the TV on and was about to make a cup of coffee, when I preacher came on TV. At that point in my live, I didn’t want to hear anything about God and was on my way to change the channel. As I took the remote, the man of God said: ‘To many people believe that they can straighten out their lives before turning to God. This is not the case; you can only straighten your life by turning to the Lord Jesus. Jesus already paid the full price for you. When you start drawing near to God, God also draws near to you and He will start the cleansing process.’

When I heard this, I was reminded of my promise to God. I went to wake my wife up, telling her what I’ve heard and about my promise to God; but with the condition that if this pastor’s church have to open in my area, I will be the first to go there. God done one better; that very Monday, as we got home from work, we noticed a banner hanging opposite our home on the school fence. The banner was saying that a church is opening their that Wednesday night – and it was the same church! This time I kept my promise and that Wednesday night in 2009 I gave my life to the Lord.

My pastor confirmed with me a few weeks later that I was dead by the time I got to him; he said that as he prayed for me, he felt tremendous power going through him as he touch me. He casted out the spirit of legends and led me to the Lord. At first, I didn’t understand the full concept of the spirit of legends, but my pastor explained to me, say: ‘Son, you had thousands of evil spirit in you; but now you have One Spirit; He is the Holy Spirit!’

My live was turned around completely from that day onwards. Although I have experience great difficulty in my walk with Christ; from a life of a 6 digit salary to a life of a 4 digit salary, I kept my faith, because this time I knew what the Lord was doing in me. He was busy cleaning up my mess, removing the lust I had for material things; and replacing it with eternal blessings.”

Since Rudi gave his life to the Lord, he headed multiple ministry arms within the church, went on in preaching the Sunday serves to large crowds with his pastor and pioneered new outreach churches; until the beginning of 2014 where the Lord gave him the vision of starting a Global Virtual Church. Within a few short months of starting the virtual church, Rudi has moved on from preaching to the local church to the global platform of internet ministry which is reaching thousands globally – reaching over 10’000 new souls in 49 countries in just a few months of starting. The Global Virtual congregation is growing weekly with more numbers being added to the House of God. Rudi is a well gifted and anointed man of God in the areas of healing, faith, discernment, teaching, evangelism, and working of miracles through the ability of the Holy Spirit.

Although Gospel Addicts is in the pioneering stage; we are currently working on a new website which will be followed by a base office block and studio, which will make your virtual visitation to the church a reality.

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