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Please Note: Accreditation with the USDE is awaiting registration; we are currently accredited under IABCS with Christian Leaders Institute & Christian Leaders Alliance

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‘Gospel Addicts is a hardcore ministry, bringing men and women alike unto the greater truth, equipping them to become effective witnesses for Jesus with a win, train, send mindset. We are a family of radical believers, reaching the lost at any cost. Gospel Addicts is a place from where changing the world starts from within.’

Our Vision

‘Bringing the Gospel in simplicity with profound revelations on the Word of God to societies around the world; winning souls, training believers, and sending leaders into the world to influence their sphere of contacts with the truth of God’s Word’

Ministry Aim

‘To teach men, women and youth alike globally with the Word of God; imparting valuable Truths in order to raise up leaders who will take their cities for Jesus through active evangelism.’

Ministry Objective

‘Awakening in Christians the zeal to make manifest Christ unto the eagerly awaiting world the sons of God; and the free gift of salvation; with a win – equip – send mentality’

Our Mandate: is first to evangelize the world, secondly to train called Christians, thirdly to equip the called as leaders, forthly to establish churches and training centres globally

Being part of a family is more than just being a member, it’s being part of a vision; and at Gospel Addicts Global Church, we are family who is always striving to greater heights in reaching the world for Christ Jesus – not only reaching greater heights, but striving unto greatness itself.

FOUNDING VERSE: “Send us around the world with the news of Your saving power; and Your eternal plan for all mankind” [Psalm 67:2 / TLB]

Portfolio of Rudi Ferreira

-President of a Global Virtual Church
…other (church websites designs & layouts / graphic designing & multimedia) for various churches, organisations, and businesses

To current date: A lifelong student and partner [training centre] of Christian Leaders Institute

Home Ministry Duties:
Christ Embassy Int.
from 2009 [and still having current dealings with the ministry]

*Foundation School Teacher and Principal
-Bringing newly born again Christians and Christians from other denominations into the vision of the ministry. Teaching each individual the doctrine of the ministry and foundational biblical truths

*Pastoral Care
-With an one-on-one session, training those of the five fold ministry (Apostles/ Pastors / Teachers / Prophets / Evangelist) the core principles of ministry work.
-Also equipping pastors and leaders with the Word of God, expanding their knowledge to broaden their reach in ministry.
-Training Pastors from outside our ministry to focus on church growth and crisis solutions.

*Leadership Training
-Undertaking weekly leadership meetings (progress / responsibilities / leadership challenges)

*Assistant Pastor
-House visitations & prayer meetings
-Assisting covering Pastor on case works
-Assisting covering Pastor on special request meetings and visitations
-Assisting covering Pastor during healing services and special programs, reach outs and crusades
-Service coordinator

-Administration of God’s Word every alternative week

-Over seeing function and special event planning, homecells and satellite churches

-Chruch Monthly Magazine
-Graphic Designs (Flyers / Poster / Banners / Sign-boards)

*Annual Award Service Planner / Coordinator / Master of Ceremony

*Other Ministerial Office Work
-Reach Out Churches

*Also assisted various other churches like Victory Outreach Int. with drug rehabilitation and hard core inner city evangelism

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