The Man in the Mirror

The man in the mirror is a reflection of who you are in Christ. This man should always be viewed through the Word of God. If one only looks at the natural man seen in the natural mirror, you will reap a carnal understanding of the person God had made you to be; but what about the spiritual aspect of the very man God had made. Now we can understand that when the Bible speaks about a man, it speaks both of male and female – mankind.

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Let us first start by looking at the attributes of the natural man – he has a physical body with natural senses; and he also has a brain, which house the intellect of man [also housed in the soul of a man]. Although medical science can’t see what a man thinks, the Word of God tells us that everything man thinks is evil [Gen.6:5 / Jer.17:9]. Take note, it does not say that some or most things man think is evil, but everything that man thinks is evil. You might say: ‘But some thoughts of a man can be good…’ Are they really? Naturally man only thinks of himself, even when he seemingly have good thoughts towards another human being, those thoughts are also evil – because even good thoughts towards another human being are generated for self-gain. Think on this carefully, we even find it in Christianity today: Man will naturally think on how to help another man, but the end product of that is; ‘how will it benefit you as a person…’ The spiritual man, saturated with God’s Word seeks no return on a blessing; he gives because it is in his nature to give. Whatsoever giving you do should always be done out of and in love. I’m not going to quote the definition of love here, but do go and study it in 1 Corinthians 13.

Your thinking is evil, but when you allow the Word to penetrate your thoughts, something happens; it change the way you speak and do things [Romans 12:2 tells us this; ‘Do not be conform to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind…’]. Words are very important and they are formed within the heart [which refers to the soul of a man], but in order to speak the right words, we must look at ourselves in God’s mirror. We see this affecting the church in a big way today – churches and leaders using slang languages in the church, thinking they can capture the attention of the young; using words like dope… Go and check what the real meaning of a word is before using it, don’t be deceived. People even in church and Christian families are offended by the way other speak, anger has crept in. An angry man is like a mad man / foolish man [Prov.29:11]. Your very life is your pulpit to your world – and that pulpit can be a profession or a calling. When it is a calling, the pulpit is a mirror.

In 1 Corinthians 13:11 Paul says that when he was a child, he use to think like a child, but when he grew up he put childish things aside. Hebrews 6 speaks of moving from the doctrine of babes… leaving childish things. Paul saw in a mirror what he used to be, he didn’t like that man and he had to move away from that – that was the thorn in his flesh. We must always remember that whatever we are doing, someone is looking; whatever we are saying, someone is hearing. Some adults do or say things even in front or in the presence of small children, thinking that they don’t understand, but never underestimate the intelligence of today’s kids and fight with them when they do those things you forgot that you done or said in their presence. Even if no man is hearing or seeing you, God is all hearing, all seeing, and all knowing. In the spirit, it is not only God who hears and see things; but our accuser also sees and he uses those things against us.

Integrity is what many folks want, but in most cases we Christians must have integrity for others. When you look into the mirror, make sure you look close and clear. A mirror can reflect a delusion or a reality; it depends on how you look. “For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I” [Rom.7:15]; don’t live a double life; make sure you see the truth in your own life. When you see the truth in the mirror of your life, you will be more likely to live by that example you see; but be careful of this, because a mirror does not give the full story… You only see the front and sides in a mirror, but to see it all you also need to see the back. You need God to know all of yourself. Many know about Jesus, but they don’t know Jesus Himself. Don’t live a delusional life by only seeing one side of yourself; allow God to search you out. It is painful when God search you, but you must allow Him, because He knows you better than you know even yourself.

Pay close attention here: If you are dead, you wouldn’t be offended or angered at people’s ignorance or trespasses against you. If you are dead in Christ, these things will not matter to you! Is it not Paul who said by the Holy Spirit: ‘I die to myself and let Christ live’ [Gal.2:19]. “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves“ [James 1:22]. It is like looking into a mirror, and turning around, immediately turning around and forgetting what manner of man he is [James1:24].

The bible makes record of Samuel; a remarkable statement; it says: ‘As long as Samuel lived, there was peace in Israel [1 Sam.11]. Wouldn’t it be nice for God to say this about you, for man to have such a record of you? You can be that man; just look into the mirror God has placed in front of you, meditate thereon day and night; and be careful to do all you see therein – peace will follow you.

The best inheritance you can leave your children one day is, the inheritance of Christ – those standards and morals of the Word you have instilled upon your kids throughout your life is more valuable that all the gold and silver in the world. The mirror can be a delusion or a reality – sometimes we make it a delusion and live it as a reality. That is wrong! The man in the mirror should not only be built upon the Word of God, but also through a personal relationship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Allow God to be reflected through you! This is the definition of being a true Christian; for Christianity is not a religion; it is expressing the inner workings of God outwardly. Christ in you is the hope of glory. Expressing God to your world is hanging the mirror of life in front of others to see who they truly are.

Many men have searched the world, yet they have fallen short of glory at the end; they’ve missed salvation, yet salvation has been given to every man. It is true, Jesus died for all men, but only a few ever comes to the knowledge of their free gift of salvation. You might be the only Christ some will ever meet; be sure therefore that you reflect Christ to your world – their salvation is revealed in your story to them. Yes, as Paul writes to the church; ‘You are epistles to your world [2Cort.3:2]; your life is a written letter from God to those who crosses paths with you. People might judge you by the cover of your book; but it is your responsibility to reveal the pages of your life to them, expressing Christ – for the world is eagerly awaiting the manifestation of the sons of God [Rom.8:19]. Your very life will cause someone to make heaven or hell; what you express to your world matters.

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