The Recreated Man

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We know the story of Adam and Eve who sinned against God in the Garden of Eden [Genesis 2]; and due to that sinful nature which developed in them which corrupted them and all of mankind, causing a world of chaos as we know it today. After many attempts, God saw only one way for man to turn back to Him; and that was to recreate mankind. In the beginning of the Old Testament God made man to rule the earth and for eternity worship the Lord from here on earth; but in the beginning of the New Testament God recreated man, this time to be like Him [1 John 4 17]. This recreation started with the finished works of Jesus Christ on the cross. There’s a difference between the old man and the new man – the old man was to spend eternity on earth, ruling the earth and all that is in it, and for eternity he would worship God from earth – but the new man has a different purpose due to the old man’s sinful nature; he now will die in the flesh and spend eternity with God in Heaven. Look at it again; the first man was set to rule over all things on earth, in the sea, and also in the sky [Gen.1:28]; but the new man is set to rule over all things on earth, in the sea, in the sky, and also in the heavens under God [Rev.1:6 / Eph.2:6].

The recreated man has something the first created man never had; the indwelling of the Holy Spirit [2 Cort.5:17]. In the Old Testament we see that the Holy Spirit came on some for a moment in time and when that purpose was fulfilled, the Holy Spirit lifted from man; but in the New Testament, those who believe and confess [Rom.10:9] receive the permanent indwelling of the Holy Spirit; and the fullness of the God-head [Col.2:9]. The nature of the first man and the nature of the recreate man is much different, yet the same Source. In the first man [those in the Old Testament], God was an external force, but in the recreated man, God is an internal force – do you see the difference?

Now when that has happened, we still find some people walking in the sinful nature of the first man Adam. I say the sinful nature of the first man, because biblical speaking, everyone who has received the new birth does not have a sinful nature; yes, although we might still sin, but that’s not because it is in our nature – for our nature is now found in Christ as He is in us who believes. Those who still walk in the sinful nature of the first man are those who have not yet come unto salvation, but every man who has come unto salvation now has God’s nature in them. So why then do we who have God’s nature in us still sin? It is due to the lack of knowledge [Hosea 4:6]. You see, the Word of God will cause the conviction of sin, it brings about a revelation of sin, and it equips you with the God-kind knowledge – it brings us unto maturity; and if we lack the knowledge of who we are in Christ, then we might still end up sinning. The more knowledge you gain on the Word of God, the more you start living the Word of God, and the less you sin, because it is not in your nature.

The recreated man is a man of the spirit. The flesh might remain the same, bur the soul [mind] must be reformed to the truth of who God made us to be [Rom.12:2] – there must always be a renewing of the mind, that’s your responsibility; but the spirit of man is born anew.

Now that we have covered this, there’s a few things you need to know about yourself according to the Word of God; your new nature in Christ. When you say you are a Christian, a believer in Christ Jesus; you are saying: ‘I am a mashiach’ – which in Hebrew means ‘I am a little messiah walking on earth.’ Yes, this might be shocking to you, but that’s what you are saying; you are a little god here on earth. Now first look at this; a dog gives birth to a dog, a cat to a cat, a human to a human; but what does God gives birth to – He gives birth to gods. Is God the Father not your Father too [which Jesus had related to us in many verses]. Is it not God who says that as He [Jesus] is, so are you in this world? Did God not say that ‘ye are gods’ [Psalm 82:6]. You might still have your natural and fleshly body, but the real you is inside; he/she is the new man, the recreated man – the spirit man; born of God. You no longer just an ordinary man, you no more a sinner, for your nature is not of the sinful, but of the righteous [2 Cort.5:21]. Here is the hard truth of God’s Word; and even if many has to reject what I’m saying next, I have to say it because it is God’s Word to those who believe – You might still sin, you might still get sick, you might still lack; but all these things are because of the lack of knowledge.

At each level in your Christian life you will lack of some sort, but as you continue to meditate on the Word of God, you will be lifted and catapult to new realities in Christ. Know this, another remarkable truth of God Word concerning you – God says that you are an epistle [letters] to your world [2 Cort.3:2]. This is mind blowing! An epistle is a written letter pertaining to a certain people. You have been called out of darkness into God’s marvelous light [1Pet.2:9] for a purpose. You have been instructed not to be conformed to this world, but to be renewed in mind [Rom.12:2] “…that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”  You have been mandated to go into all the world [you are a functioning member of Christ body where you are]; go into the world and preach the Gospel, making new disciples and teaching them to observe all things [Matt.28:19-20]. God is using your life to write His letter to the world – are you allowing God to do that? You have been called as a leader in your sphere of contacts! Many don’t know this; they just go to church because they are broken vessels. How long will you remain broken? How long does God have to show you the way?

Start taking your stand as a leader in your sphere of contacts. Every Christian believer has been called to rule in their world; not to be dictators, but to lead their world unto salvation, back unto God the Father through Jesus Christ; and you not alone – you have received the Holy Spirit who will help you be the best God had made you to be.

I want to dig a bit deeper here; and my purpose is to bring the conviction of the Word to your reality. Being called by God as a leader in your world, God is holding you responsible for the wicked man and the backslider. You are placed as a watchman in your sphere of contacts. God didn’t send you to judge them, but to bring them back to the House of God [Isa.62:6-7]. God is holding you responsible for heir blood. You are also to use your sphere to evangelize the lost; you have been mandated to do this [Matt.28:19-20]. In your day, there’s good news ahead of the judgment. You got to tell everyone before God’s judgment comes. You are a watchman for the wicked and the righteous. You just can’t ignore them – if you tell them and they ignore you, then their blood will not be on your hands, but if you don’t tell them, their blood will be on your hands [Ezk.3:18].

No matter how many hates the church, don’t be the cause for people to hate the church because you fall into the general class of religion; be that believer God made you.

When you see the church as priceless, you will see the real value in other people; you will never condemn anyone, neither will you look away from where there is a need. You will become the solution to your world’s problems; you will find a need and meet that need. As a watchman, you need to find yourself in the high place, in the tower – and by placing yourself in the Word of God, through intercession, and by speaking in tongues, you will be in that high place. You will hear from God and you will know what needs to be done – you will value life and you will value the lives of others – to preach the Kingdom of God and heal the sick [Luke 9:2].

I have said this many times; but maybe after this teaching you will have the revelation of it – Christianity is the outward expression of the inner workings of God in the human body. You see, God is always at work within us, but it is our responsibility to express it outwardly to our world. You can’t remain the same, you got to change things about yourself – you got to start thinking differently, you got to start talking differently, you got to do what the Word says – that’s where you’re true success is; in meditating on the Word of God and applying all that you learn in it.

Teaching by Evng./Pst. Rudi Ferreira

Gospel Addicts Global Church

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