Discovering Your Calling

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For many the topic on discovering your calling or knowing what God wants you to do is a hasty topic. It is somewhat sad to see some Christians reaching what’s to be the end of their race in this life and never came to discover what God wanted them to do; and over and above that, that they never even started to fulfill that calling. Many say; God doesn’t speak to us like He did to the people in the Old Testament; and in many cases it is true, but He does at times speak to some in the same manner. This primarily is dependent on your relationship with God; the deeper your fellowship with God is, the better you will hear Him when He speaks to you; however, it doesn’t mean He will speak to you in the same manner as He did to the folks in the Old Testament; for our walk with God is a walk of faith. The walk in faith does not require physical evidence of God, rather it is a response of our human spirit to the Word of God that makes God a reality to us. Understand that God is more real than anything else you will ever encounter; and once you get the revelation of this, you will be able to build a real relationship with God in His fullness.

It is only when we have a real tangible relationship with God that we will be tuned in or lined up to discover our calling in Christ. It is through the Word of God that we identify our calling; that’s why it is vital for us to meditate on the Word of God. Without meditation on the Word of God, we will not be able to get into the depts of God’s character which speaks hidden secrets of His Word into our spirit. The Bible tells us that faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God [Rom.10:17]. Faith activates the Word in your heart, and it pushes the root of the Word into your spirit; that’s where you start responding to the Word – you start recongnising the Word and you start working the Word in your life.

In Jeremiah 29:11 we read a well known and remarkable portion in scripture; says: “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.“ Take note of the next verse as well: “Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you.” This plans of God is revealed when we call upon Him – like seen in Matthew 6:33“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” You might never know the plan of God for your life if you don’t actively and diligently meditate on the Word and develop and healthy prayer life using the Word to pray.

What is different between the folks of the Old Testament and us in the New Testament is that we have the Word; and the Word is a faith builder. Now many fail to understand this: The folks in the early Old Testament never had the written Word of God; and even in the latter Old Testament, a few scrolls was available, but mostly in the Temple of God, not commonly and well spread like we have today in the form of the Bible. Since then, Jesus was born into this world and has equipped the Jews with much more; then later some of the Apostles wrote books – finishing with Paul who shared a lot of insight into spiritual realities. Even though the Word of God has evolved into much more than what the folks from the Old Testament days could enjoy, the early church still didn’t enjoy the Word of God like we can and should enjoy it. It is only towards the 16thcentury that the Bible was versed and chaptered, but still not widely available to everyone. Now in our modern day we have open access in most parts of the world to many translations of a well layout Bible; and moreso, we can search google with many timeless abstracts and original manuscripts for our studies.

My point here is; in today’s life we have so much more available to us to identify and know our calling, but very little teaches on this. Christians today run their legs off behind prophets, yet when the prophet releases a word, then they don’t know what to do with it. One thing the church lacks today in the 5 fold ministry is teachers. You need a teacher to teach you these things; because how will you know if no one tells you [Rom.10:14]. The bottom line here is; we need not blame this one or that one for not knowing; because the Word of God is freely available to most of us; and I can guarantee you, if you sit carefully and think on this after reading this teaching, you will discover that God had spoken to you already concerning your calling. Yes, you might have received a prophetic word of what God wants you to do; but it is important to discern the word you received. Paul say in Acts 17:11“These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.” It is important to test a prophtic word with searching out the Word of God. Christians are not as much gullible today as just lazy to go search the scripture – you got to check what you receive in the Word of God. Remember, satan don’t want you to come unto your calling, therefore, he will send his own agents to mislead you and cause confusion to dawn in your mind; even using those sitting in church with you. Receiving your calling from God is prophetic, but one thing about prophesy is that God will always confirm His Word to you [Isa.44:26].

Either, you will receive the same word from 2 or 3 different people, or God will confirm this Word with a vision or dream, or even through His written Word as you study the Bible. Now, it is not always that you will receive a prophetic word via a prophet concerning your calling. So how do you know what God has called you to do? First, you must believe that you have not come unto salvation just for the sake of it – yes, God loves you, but while we remain here on earth, the Lord’s desire is to fill you so much that others will see Him in you and also turn unto salvation – but in this, there’s a specific work for you – this depends on how many workers of the Word is in your area, what kind of culture surround you, your country and social circles, etc… Yet, all this is still not too much to search through in order to know what it is that God wants from you.

How to discover your calling?

Even when a prophet release a Word to you, the chances is that you have this desire already within you; and that’s is good. Yes, the desire you have in your heart; where did it come from? God will always touch our heart with His plan for our life. Some is just so caught up in life that they don’t realise what God had placed in them; other have a fear of the unknown, yet others just lazy off, thinking that there is so many others doing this already. In all of this, if you have read this far, it shows that you in search of what God has called you to do, or you are seeking a confirmation. Well, read on and find out for yourself….

The portion in scripture which reads; Many are called, but few are chosen’ [Matt.24:14]; are many times misunderstood, and devil has a field day when it comes to confusion among the saint. Yes, many are called; this is dependant on those who believe; have you turned unto salvation? If yes, then you are called, but called unto what. You were not only called out of darkness into God’s marvelous light [2Pet.2:9], but there is also a purpose for you being called. Now, it is also dependant on you if you would be chosen. You might ask, how so? You see, it is God Who calls you, you got to believe – then when you believe and turn unto salvation, you got to work out your own salvation [Phil.2:12]. Right, you got that! To be chosen is by choice as well; God can choose you, but you can still say no – you get it now?

It is the Holy Spirit Who carries out the will of God in our lives [Phil.2:13], and this too is by choice. If you don’t allow the Holy Spirit to function in your life, then He will lay dormant in you. Now, God puts the desire of His plan for your life in your heart [Psa.20:4/2Tim.1:9]; and this is the first step in knowing what God has called you for. Think of this carefully: In your deepest parts of your heart, what is it that you wish to do for God? Now this might not be a call in the 5 fold ministry of a teacher, prophet, apostle, pastor, or evangelist; but as long as it is a type of work, then you getting closer to knowing what God wants you to do. For example; every call from God is accompanied by not only signs and wonders, but also special gifts of the Spirit. God doesn’t always place a desire in your heart that you fully comfortable with, but nevertheless, it is still a deep hidden desire at first. You might always wanted to speak to people about Jesus, but are too shy to do so. This is an evangelistic call, and when we trust in God, He will stir up the boldness within us to do so. You might not be seasoned in the Word as yet or be well versed, but by starting, God will place those before you to the level of understanding you have on His Word. You might like to lay hands on the sick so that they may recover; and this is a call into the healing ministry. You might desire to inspire people through music or singing, but not be confident enough to do so – nevertheless, this the Lord is able to amplify in you. Your relationship with God must be personal; and moreso, your faith in the Word will be increased upon the time you spend in studying the Word. All these will bring boldness into you; but more importantly, faith is a verb and you must apply action to that which you believe.

So now that you on to the first step of identifying what it is that the Lord had placed within your heart, what’s the next step? Start praying and ask God to confirm this through His Word; and get into your Bible. Search out [and as we live in a modern world, use google on your searches], find verses which talks about the things you desire to do and study them well. As you study these verses, pay attention on how those with the same callings in the Bible has been trained up and led by the Spirit of God to fulfill their calling. Now that you making progress, it is time to seek confirmation – go on a fast and seek the Lord for further guidance. At any given time, God may use a man [prophet or pastor, etc…] to give you a word which is in line with this, He might use a situation [I first discover I had the gift and call of a healing minister when a sick person asked me to pray for them and they were healed], it might be through a vision, dream, or even deeper revelation on scripture. Every case might be different; and you will be amazed at how God will relate your God-given calling to you. Lastly, you got to build the courage up in boldness to start stepping into your calling, start exercising that which the Lord has shown you about your calling.

I tell you; you have not yet been fulfilled in your joy and peace if you haven’t started taking up your calling. There are special blessings attached to following in your call. You might have been struggling with certain things in life; and been awaiting blessings, but it will come as a flood when you learn to pick up your calling. The blessings which God speaks of in Ephesians 1:3 is directly tied to your calling; start walking in your calling and you will see these blessing manifesting; because they the blessings which will furnish you for your calling. Although the direction of your calling might change as you pursing in fulfilling your calling, the key principle of the calling will always remain till you have fulfilled and established it – thereafter your ministry will continue to grow as you train up others to do the same [Matt.20:19-20].

“Whoso despise the word shall be destroyed, but he that fear the commandment shall be rewarded” [Prov.13:13] – How do we despise the Word? It is simply by not doing the commandments. I want to leave you with this portion in scripture [read it carefully to understand]: “…no weapon turned [formed] against you shall succeed [prosper]. You will silence [condemn] every voice [tongue] raised up to accuse you. These benefits are enjoyed by the servants of the Lord; their vindication will come from Me. I, the Lord, have spoken”[Isa.54:17-18]. There are benefits that we can enjoy as ‘Servants of the Lord’ – not many Christians today are servants of the Lord, yet we are all called to serve the Lord. I pray this teaching has helped you discover your calling in God, or at least have steered you on to the path of discovering your calling; now all that you need to do is start serving the Lord according to that calling – Hallelujah!

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