The Simplicity of Christianity [Part 2]

The Christ-like Mind

Most folks today in the church think it is impossible to have the Christ-like mind; yet throughout scripture, we see men and women demonstrating this reality.  Most probably the best example other than Jesus Himself was Paul [this goes to show that even a mere man can…]. The author of three-quarters of the New Testament expressed the mind of Christ in his writings to the church; but how did he do this. We see a pattern throughout scripture, he had framed his mind around the Word of God – so too we must frame our minds around the Word of God. The correct term to use is: Frame your mind with the Word of God – but I want to lay emphasis that the Word of God should become the center of our existence.

[In our last teaching which shed light on the topic of here; if you haven’t read it, please do so for it will give you a better understanding of today’s teaching. You can click here to read now – The Simplicity of Christianity: Know that You Know / Part 1] 

To start thinking the way Christ Jesus did when He was walking the earth is not impossible; just as the true disciples of Jesus demonstrated in the beginning of Christianity after receiving power on the day of Pentecost [Acts 1:8 & throughout the book of Acts]. They have received the same Spirit by which Jesus had functioned here on earth – He is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will help you, guide you, teach you, lead you, show you, reveal to you… all that which is needed for a successful life here on earth; and more importantly, the working out of your salvation [Phil.2:12]. When you frame your mind around the Word of God, it is the Holy Spirit Who will and do bring alive that Word in your life; and also bring to pass the Lord’s purpose [Prov.19:21/Phil.4:13].

Have you ever seen people struggling with something, getting frustrated, yet they refuse help from anyone. You might know exactly how to do what they battling with, but they don’t want your help, neither do they even want to listen to you. Maybe this is you, or you’ve been like that. Their stubbornness is causing them frustration; and that leads to failure. We sometimes do this exact thing to the Holy Spirit; we don’t want His help, neither do we listen to Him. However; when your mind is framed around God’s Word, that’s your source. In everything you do, you turn to the Word of God for help and instruction. Now directly referencing, I’m speaking about the ‘logos’ of God [which is the written Word]; but when you start applying the Word and start speaking the Word of God, the Word becomes ‘rhema’ [It produces results and it comes alive]. You must act on the Word to have the results of the Word [which takes faith]; but there is something more you need to know. When you act on the Word, the Holy Spirit quickly comes to aid; He respond to the Word you acting upon. Why? The Holy Spirit is God’s Word expressed in person. He is the One Who gives revelation on God’s Word; He is the One Who makes God’s Word a reality to us; He is the One Who helps you obtain the results of God’s Word.

Learn to speak forth that which you desire / When a man came to Jesus, asking Him to come to his house because his son is very ill; Jesus said to him that he will only believe because he can see. Jesus sends him away simply saying; go your son is well [John4:46-54]. Remember that Jesus said that he will only believe if he can see; but something happened. The man may have come with that mentality Jesus spoke of, but through his encounter with the Lord, he started to think like Christ. Half way on his way home, the man’s servants met him, telling him that his son is well. Jesus simply spoke words, but it was up to that man to change the way he thinks, to think like Christ. Folks today are faced with challenges and those challenges is framing their minds to think negative; but Jesus wants us to follow His example, to think like Him and frame our mind around the Word of God – That’s one of the reasons He send us His Spirit, to help us accomplish that which seems impossible.

Remember; Jesus was the Word made flesh [John 1:14], therefore, when the Word of God spoke to this man in the form of Jesus Christ, he was quickened by the Word; his mind was renewed by the reality Jesus spoke [Rom.12:2]; and his son was healed. He heard something in the words Jesus spoke that he never heard before, it made him think; and he chose to adopt the Jesus mentality right there and then – and he received his miracle before seeing it or hearing about it. Because Jesus said it, he believed it. Now Jesus was the Word made flesh, so when we study the Word of God, we are studying the mind of Christ Jesus; therefore we should take heed to the Word of God, for it reveals things the world can’t comprehend; and we are brought to understand it through the Holy Spirit. When Jesus asked the disciples: ‘Who do you say I am? Simon Peter answered saying; You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God. See what Jesus said next – Blessed art thou Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in Heaven [Matt.16:16-17]. The book of Proverbs chapter 19 and verse 21 says: ‘Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.’

Now, understand that the Holy Spirit quickened Jesus, and so too He has quickening your body today – The Word says; ‘As He is so are we in this world’ [1John4:17]. You have the living Word of God residing in you; and He is called the Holy Spirit – A Person of the God-head; and that Person has become one with you when you received Christ into your heart – One exactly the same as Jesus; and Jesus being One with the Father; and the Father being One with Jesus. Three unique and peculiar Persons; yet ONE GOD – and He has made His abode in you [John14:23]. This is the mystery of ages revealed [Col.1:27]; and today we have the power of God living and abiding in us [Col.2:9]. So why are you cast-down, why are you struggling, why are you fearful of what tomorrow holds… Don’t you know you are God’s, that you are the Temple of the living Father, that even God says you are god… Let’s see that in scripture: “I have said: Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the Most High“ [Psa.82:6] & “Jesus answered them, ‘Is it not written in the law, I said, Ye are gods?’ [John 10:34]. Why would God say this? Because we are born of the Word; we are born of Him. Isn’t it this very God Who said He will pour out His Spirit on us? [Acts2:17]. Isn’t it by Him that you are; that you have your being? Don’t you know that you are born of the Word [1John4:7]; you are the very product of the Word… Don’t expect the simple minded of this world to understand you when you follow God – “Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew Him not” [1John3:1].

Take God by His Word and know that you know; He will never leave you nor forsake you!

Teaching by Evng./Pst. Rudi Ferreira

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