The Simplicity of Christianity

Know that You Know [Part 1]

So many times Christians and the church at large complicate their comprehension of God’s plan for mankind and the personal Word of God to us; and most of the time this is because we think that we can’t understand the mind of God. The answer will of course be yes if we don’t walk in the Spirit; but if you walk in the Spirit, then that is the very purpose of the Spirit, to make known to us who believes the thinking of God towards us and mankind – His eternal plan for mankind. As David had said in Psalm 67:2 [TLB]; “Send us around the world with the Power of Your Word; and Your eternal plan for mankind.” The Power of God’s Word is manifested through the Spirit of God; and we can know God’s plan for mankind through the leading and teaching of His Spirit.

[Next week we will look at ‘The Christ-Like Mind’ in Part 2 of the Simplicity of Christianity, but before then I want to share a few things with you that will give you a better understanding on next week’s teaching].

Coming back to this teaching; Colossians 1:27 reveals just that: “To whom God will make known what is the riches of His glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ [the Holy Spirit] in You; the hope of glory.” And after we know that Jesus had send us another Comforter, One Who is exactly like Him, to teach us all things [John14:26]; we see in Colossians 2:9 that we short of nothing: “For in Him [Christ / The Holy Spirit as translated from the original Greek text] dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.” The question is: ‘Why do we fall short then?’ “For the lack of knowledge God’s people are destroyed” [Hosea 4:6]. Colossians states for in Christ the fullness of the Godhead bodily – meaning that we have received the fullness of the Godhead through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit; not a portion, but the fullness thereof.

Like we see in Golossians 1:27 & 2:9 – The Father’s purpose is for you to have help; and Jesus came to pave the way for just that through His works on earth, then when He went back to Heaven that path was paved as He send us the Holy Spirit – now we only need to walk in it, yet how difficult we find that. If only we realize that the Holy Spirit is now with us for the purpose to teach us God’s Word and His plan for our lives; if only we realize that we not alone, maybe then we will draw near to the Holy Spirit and come into fellowship with Him – then we will discover the leading of the Spirit and the simplicity of Christianity. We might say we know we not alone, but the depths of that realization is yet far away – we haven’t come to the manifestation of that knowing. We must seek so that we may know that we know! There is a great importance that we come into fellowship with the Holy Spirit; because He is the One Who is with us now; and He makes real God the Father and God the Son to us. He is the One Who brought us unto salvation by Jesus Christ and He is the One Who gives us understanding of the scripture – through revelation – He is the Word of God expressed. Before we received Christ, He was an external influence, now that we have received Christ, He had become an internal influence – but we must learn to take advantage of His presence. He is the Father with us; even while manifested in the flesh here on earth, the Holy Spirit was Father to Jesus [Matt.1.18 / Luke 1: 34-35]; how much more to us now.

He is the power of God revealed to every ear that will listen, every eye that will see, and every mind which wish to comprehend. He makes real the God-head of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit to us; He brings the Word of God alive. The God-head here is what many refer to as the ‘Trinity’.

“I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes [what a powerful statement right there], and you will keep My judgments and do them” (Ezek. 36:26-27). What a wonderful word; and it can be your reality today – because He had said it so that we may boldly say… [Heb.13:6].

The problem still exists today! Millions of people are in a daily fight to keep the laws of God, and they are losing the war because they do not understand the Father’s battle plan. His strategy could not be more succinct: “I will put my Spirit within you,” says the Lord. And why is that His agenda? He wants to “cause you” [from deep inside your heart] to follow His statutes. He wants to make it easy to keep His commandments. Be vested with the power the Spirit bestows upon you; for when you draw near to God, He also draws near to you. But how? You may ask – He does this through the Spirit – that’s the Holy Spirit. The reality of the God-head comes through the Spirit of God; and not only so, but through fellowship with the Holy Spirit. The reason the church and so many people in it have become so defeated is that it has ignored the most powerful person in the universe – The Holy Spirit. Now some of you may ask: ‘Is the Holy Spirit a person; I thought He is a Spirit…’ Well, while He is a Spirit, He is a person of the God-head. The Bible also says that the Father is Spirit; and whosoever worships Him must do so in Spirit and in Truth [John4:24].

We so often think of our lives to be more real than the spiritual realm; well, that should not be the case, for everything that is, came from the Spirit first [John1:1-5].

Understand that in the Beginning, God the Father was seated in Heaven on His Throne with God the Son; it was God the Holy Spirit that came out from God the Father and hovered over the waters [Gen.1:1-3]; awaiting the Word to manifest the Word proceeding from the Father. God the Holy Spirit brought to pass the Word of God the Father. The Holy Spirit is the doer; and He is awaiting your response to God’s Word so He may act freely on it.

Understanding scripture will lead you to the truth as follow:

God the Father – He is the Operator

God the Son – He is the Administrator

God the Holy Spirit – He is the Manifestor Yet they are 3 Persons, they are One God…

Now in our day, God the  Father is still seated on the throne, and God the Son is at His right hand [place of power and authority], and God the Holy Spirit is with us and in us, He makes the Word of God the Father real to us. In fact, God’s Word is Spirit, therefore the Word of God is the Spirit of God revealed in plain text to us; but to understand the simplicity thereof, we need the Holy Spirit.  Yes, the Holy Spirit is the reality of God’s Word and God’s Word is the Holy Spirit – God’s Word is expressed to us through the leading, teaching and manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

We stand in a position today whereby we have distance ourselves from God, because we believe that God the Father is seated on the Throne, we believe that God the Son was raised from the dead and ascended into Heaven – which is all good and true; but as much as we know that Jesus had send us the Holy Spirit, we don’t walk in the consciousness of His closeness to us, neither do we understand the fullness in which the Spirit was given – yet it is revealed in the Bible to us. Jesus’ disciples were short of nothing because God the Son was with them, so too are we short of nothing today because as believers we have God the Holy Spirit with us. As the Disciples had followed Jesus, as they had fellowship with Him, as they asked Him questions, as He taught them and empowered them; so too do we have those things today with the Holy Spirit. What we miss to understand is that Jesus told the first disciples to follow Him and He will make them fishers of men; but He went back to Heaven and had send us His Spirit, the Holy Spirit. So in true essence, we are to follow the Holy Spirit and He will make us fishers of men. Although Jesus can be a very real entity to us, the reality is that Jesus went back to Heaven and one day soon will return; but for now, it is the Holy Spirit Who reveals the person of Jesus and presents Him real – We just know that we know; but it comes through communion with the Holy Spirit. Paul tells us; ‘that the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with us all’ [2Cort.13:14]. It is that communion that makes spiritual things real to us; and above all, that makes Jesus and the Father real to us. The simplicity of Christianity is somewhat missed by complicated prayers. A Spirit-Filled Prayer is not complicated; and this is where we miss everything else. Here are a few pointers to help your keep your prayer life simple yet organized, and getting in deep touch with God [When you do these things with deep affection from the heart, the reality of it will dawn on you]:

1] Confession – Acknowledgement of God’s greatness

2] Supplication – Make known your request to the Father [be specific]

3] Adoration – Worship & Expressing love to God with all your heart

4] Intimacy – Being in His presence / a real connection / full surrender

5] Intercession – Focusing on praying for others [mainly praying in tongues]

6] Thanksgiving – The victory is yours, thank God for answered prayers by faith

7] Praise – In Spirit and in Truth / Singing & making melody unto the Lord

When we learn to keep things simple, like the saying going around: ‘Let go and let God’ – something happens as the Spirit of God takes charge. He will lead you and teach you all things [1Cort.2:13]; but remember that He is not an aggressor like the devil, He is a gentle person. He will not force His Will or Way on you; He patiently awaits for your invitation. The Bible says: ‘And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive [Matt.21:22]. Do you know that it is the Holy Spirit that will bring to pass that which you ask of the Father in Jesus Name. Yes – Christianity is not complicated, yet we understand it not because we complicate everything. Just ask the Holy Spirit by simply saying, Holy Spirit, ‘help me’. You can’t do nothing without Him; even Jesus relied on the Holy Spirit; and so too did the disciples – the 120 in the upper room on the day of Pentecost, awaited the manifestation of the Holy Spirit before going out to preach [Acts 2:1-6].

Learn to include the Spirit of God in everything you do. If you are faced with a difficult situation, ask the help of the Holy Spirit. If you don’t know what to pray, simply ask the Holy Spirit to help you. The simplicity of Christianity starts by asking the Holy Spirit – acknowledge Him in your life and in everything you do – Start today by including the Holy Spirit by simply saying ‘Good morning Holy Spirit.’ Before praying, ask the Holy Spirit to help you pray; before studying the Word, ask the Holy Spirit to give you understanding, etc… and tonight before closing your eyes to sleep, greet the Holy Spirit… You can ask the Holy Spirit whatever, but remember that when you ask, you must be willing to do as well…

Teaching by Evng./Pet. Rudi Ferrers

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