Understanding the Prophetic

Some believe where others don’t – Every year, in many churches, there are prophetic words released; which is the corporate prophecy for a particular ministry. Have you ever wondered why there is such diversity in prophecies released to or through churches every year? Example, some may receive that 2017 is our year of Flourishing [like our ministry at Gospel Addicts Global and Christ Embassy International], for some others it is the year of Supernatural Grace, while others received the word to be the year of Light, etc… Many folks today, even those in church don’t take heed to prophetic words no more; they think that it is prophets giving false hope. First, different prophecies are given by the same Spirit to different churches because

God is leading each ministry in a unique path; yet many don’t know what they must do with these prophecies and they end up discarding it.

Prophecies like this sometimes depends on the corporate calling of a ministry, the level of insight they have received as a church, spiritual maturity of congregational members, and the location which the church function in. No one’s prophetic word is better than the other; because some churches could be functioning for decades, while others for only a few years. Some can be newly formed bodies, while others have branched off from their main body. All in all; God has a purpose for all of us; and the prophetic word is instructive to what we are to do in the Kingdom works and fulfilling our works.

The biggest issue we are faced with today is that people are not taught how to apply prophecy; and they await God to bring to pass the prophecy in their lives; not knowing there’s something they need to do. In that breath, many never see prophecies fulfilled and think that the prophecies given were false or the prophet is false, giving false hope. That is far from true in many cases. Yes, the bible does warn us against false prophets, but not every prophet is false…

This teaching will give you more insight on the importance of prophecy and will also help you to reach the fulfilment of prophecy that’s been given in your ministry [if you are following Gospel Addicts Global, then this will be beneficial to you as well as we will use this year’s prophetic word to explain]…..

Looking at David in Psalm 92; he knew what it takes to flourish – Please study the short chapter of Psalm 92 to have the understanding before continuing to read. Praising and worshipping the Lord brings about a special unction of the Spirit on your life. When we learn to praise and worship the Lord continuously no matter our challenges, that’s when this special unction will cause us to flourish in all that we do. Looking closely at the key points of this year’s prophetic word, you will notice that the word is for all around blessings:

1] Luxuriant Growth

2] Significant Attainments

3] Persistent Productivity

Prophecy needs to be studied; finding out what it entails and what is requested of us to fulfill the prophecy. Yes, we are the ones to fulfill the prophetic; God had release the word, but we have a responsibility to bring it to pass through the application of the Word. Now if you under a corporate anointing where a prophetic word was given, it is important that you follow in that; but if you not under a corporate anointing –or- the churches where you do fellowship there’s no prophetic word released for the year, then you can adopt our prophetic word: The year of Flourishing. Over and above the annual prophetic word, every month there’s a prophetic word which helps guide us in together with the year’s prophetic word to fulfill the prophecy.

It is highly important to set the word before you and keep focus on the word at all times. Some lose focus when things don’t look so bright; but here is the truth of the prophetic – When God releases a word like 2017 is a year of flourishing; you need to look at what the Lord didn’t say too. Last year was our year of unstoppable spreading; and many have not spread. For me, I have spread! There was many challenges that tried to prevent me from spreading, but I kept my focus on the Word. These prophecies accompany the prophetic word or calling verse of the ministry. The ministry of Gospel Addicts Global was found on the prophetic verse in Psalm 67:2 / TLB – “Send us around the world with the news of your saving power and your eternal plan for all mankind.” You need to understand these things and there working in fulfilling that which God has called and ordained you for. I came to understand that when God says that it is the year of unstoppable spreading, everything will come and try and stop me; so I was determined to spread and I did. This year is our year of flourishing, and even when things seem otherwise, stick to the word. It takes a change of mindset to conquer the flesh. The flesh will also show you what’s impossible, but the Word of God tells us ‘I’m-possible’; for all things are possible with God [Luke1:37]. The problem with many Christians today is that they read and believe that all things are possible with God, by they don’t function with God. We all have been called joint heirs with Christ [Rom.8:17]; and as joint heirs, then also joint doers. Renew your mind daily with the Word; and learn to follow the instruction of the Word.

Now there is a very important instruction in you staying focused on the Word:

1] Meditate and study the Word daily

2] Fellowship with the Lord

3] Praise and worship the Lord

4] Speak in tongues like never before

When you do these 4 things daily and more often during the course of the day; you will line yourself up to hear from God; He will guide you in fulfilling the prophetic word. I can’t over emphasize that we have the responsibility in following the instruction of the Word to fulfil the prophetic word given to us. Understanding that the prophetic is an instruction for our success and prosperity both in the spiritual and in the physical is a starting point in fulfilling prophecy. We are all part of a bigger plan; the plan of the return of Jesus Christ, where we will receive the grown of life and eternal salvation. When your pastor release instruction in line with the prophetic word; take heed in it and apply what has been said – that’s where your success and prosperity is tied to.

If you haven’t read our prophetic word for the year, CLICK HERE to read the notes of 2017 prophetic word: The year of Flourishing – Stay blessed!

Teaching by Evng/Pst. Rudi Ferreira

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Author: gospeladdictsglobalchurch

Gospel Addicts was formed in 2013 [established in 2014] as an internet ministry; growing quickly into a global ministry under Evangelist & Pastor Rudi Ferreira; evangelizing the world with the Gospel [Psalm 67:2 / TLB]. Since the success of the internet ministry; and intense studies of higher learning, the time has come to materialize the vision of the Global Headquarters Church in the making... we will announce our location soon! Also running a FaceBook Page at www.facebook.com/gospeladdictsglobal -or- email us at gospeladdictsglobal@gmail.com

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