The Path of Righteousness

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God; and His righteousness; and all these things shall follow you” (Matt.6:33).

There’s a difference between seeking and searching; that’s why so many are searching for something and they don’t seem to find it.

The world at large, including many Christians, are seeking a greater truth in a very religious way. Everything must be tangible or they wouldn’t fully believe in it. Many folks has missed their appointment with divinity, because they didn’t get sign or feeling that they’ve been divinely touched; yet God might of touch their lives several times, but they exercised the Thomas faith. A kind of faith that wants to see before believing. That kind of faith seldomly works in Christianity. Christianity isn’t a religion; it is divinity at work in humanity. Christianity is you searching for God; because you never knew Him in the first place.

God called upon you, you didn’t call upon God – if you born again today, it is of a result that you have responded to God calling you. You can search for many things; like maybe you lost a piece of jewelry. You might of had a certain feeling in your that you don’t have no more and desire to have again; you can search your heart; but you cannot search for God, you cannot search for righteousness like the religions of the world, and you cannot search for the Kingdom of God – no, you can seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness… (Matt.6:33).

There’s a difference between seeking and searching. The dictionary relates the two as following:

‘attempt to find (something)’

‘thoroughly scrutinizing (examining), especially in a disconcerting way’

You seek something you never had, whereas you search for something you have lost or what someone has shown, said, or gave to you and has been misplaced. Most people are searching for God, like they’ve lost or misplaced Him while they never had found Him to start with. The bottom line here is that you can’t search for something or someone you never knew. However, when you have something or know someone you can seek to know more. This is what we shared with you in last week’s teaching; The Fullness & Reality of God

This is what the Bible tells us in our opening verse: Seek! Now that you know God, seek His ways. Many ask, we are here on earth, how can we seek the Kingdom of God? You must understand that the God had set up His abode in you; His very head quarters are operational within you. You are now the Temple of the Holy Spirit; the One Who makes God reality to you. The full representation of God. Look at Colossians 2:9 – “for the fullness of God dwells in Christ in boily form. Don’t be deceived; your new life must be lived by faith and not by sight (2Cort.5:7). You can’t please God without faith (Heb.11:6). The very subtains of faith is hope. You can’t see hope, but believing in what you can’t see brings about a transfiguration of calling real that which is not seen (Heb.11:1). Your new life in Christ is a result of faith; which is defined in Romans 10:9 – you have believed in something you couldn’t see and had confessed it with your mouth. You have received Christ by this very principle. Faith at work is believing the Word and confessing accordingly with your mouth. You might not see or feel it now, but it is reality.

Your salvation doesn’t stop there, you must continue. Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s why it is so important to minister to others. It is a result of your believe that compel you to minister to others. When you learn to this, you will experience the miraculous sooner or later. Yes, Christianity is believing first and seeing later; religion is seeing first and believing later. Don’t put your fate in this world, rather put your faith in God.

Evil is praying of man’s free will. You have the choice to choose right; but many people are so caught up in their own will. They want to do what they want, not necessary what is good. Just because certain things had worked for other people doesn’t mean it will work for you. God has preordained a path of righteousness for you. Even Christians is like trees; some are planted in good and fertile ground, but some are planted on rocky roads and parch land. Just like a tree being chopped down and processed into paper; the world chops away at some Christians who isn’t rooted in the fertile ground of the Word of God. They are turned into paper and the world is writing their story on them, because no good fruit has been found on them.

The world is trying to employ an one world order; seeking for peace, hope, one world religion, one world currency. They think this will bring the ultimate peace; yet we already have that peace but don’t recognize it. The world is trying to copy the Kingdom of God; and they reject anything which oppose their system. God had given the whole world an open door to His Kingdom through Jesus Christ; but the world recognize not the door, for they know Him not. They think they creating their own door, but in fact they walking straight into satan’s kingdom which opposes the Kingdom of God.

It is time that we who say that we believe start living life by a different set of rules. Trusting and believing in principle truths which been set in eternity; and been proven through the time of ages by our biblical forefathers. God had called you, He has personally elected you, set you apart, made you peculiar, crowned you as His royal priest, brought you in as His holy nation, chosen for a purpose; now seek His Kingdom and His righteousness; for when you do so, all things paraining to life and godliness will follow you.

Your life will light up the path for others, your presence will bring about hope for the lost; because the Greater One lives and abides in you as you live and abide in Him (1John4:13 / John15:7).

I want to leave you with this thought:

It is sin consciousness which makes us live a life of sin. It keeps us out of the path God had set before us. We say we believe, yet we have doubt that God will forgive us when we repent of doing wrong; and soon we find ourselves doing the same wrong again, or even worse. The Bible tells us that when we sin, we must be quick to repent; and know that the Lord will forgive us. There is no doubt that God forgives, because He said ask and ye shall receive. When you repent, you are asking God to forgive you – thus you receive forgiveness.

Some thinks that God is not blessing them because of previous wrongs or sins. This is not true, because God had already blessed us with all spiritual blessings (Eph.1:3), so He is not about to take it away; you must just receive it by faith. Devil will use your previous sins against you, to rob you of receiving God’s blessings by faith; for your faith can’t work where there’s doubt. You must stay focus on the Lord; seek the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness – this is your path of righteousness; and only you can walk in it, so stay focus on what matters.

Teaching by Evng./Pst. Rudi Ferreira

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Author: gospeladdictsglobalchurch

Gospel Addicts was formed in 2013 [established in 2014] as an internet ministry; growing quickly into a global ministry under Evangelist & Pastor Rudi Ferreira; evangelizing the world with the Gospel [Psalm 67:2 / TLB]. Since the success of the internet ministry; and intense studies of higher learning, the time has come to materialize the vision of the Global Headquarters Church in the making... we will announce our location soon! Also running a FaceBook Page at -or- email us at

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