Prevailing Prayer

We dealt with the subject of prayer in many of our teachings; but we must know how to cultivate a spirit of prayer so you may also prevail in prayer. It’s important to understand that we win in the spirit first before victory is manifested on the outside. Your victory comes from within first; if you can’t win in the inside first, then you will not win on the outside. When you prevail with God first, then you will prevail with man also (Gen.32:28)

You must have the spirit of prayer, and that spirit comes through desire – every true leader must have it. Now God will put the desire in you, but it’s your responsibility to act upon it. We must instead of tackling things head on, first stay back with God – deal with it in the spirit first; then you might not even need to tackle any situation in the physical; you will just walk through, because you have learnt to prevail with God first.

In this teaching we will share with you on how you can invite by desire the spirit of prayer. When you thirst for God and fellowship with Him, that’s when you invite by desire the spirit of prayer. The Holy Spirit will then bring an influence of prayer into your life; and it will draw your heart unto understanding His thoughts, desires, and His way of thinking.

God will call your attention, but you got to act accordingly; you got to do something. Remember that God wants good things for you more than you want it for yourself, that’s the reason why He had preordained the perfect path for you. The Spirit of Prayer brings you to that level of living God’s plan for your life. However, you must live life spiritually. Many believers today are not spiritual enough. We proclaim the name of Jesus, we preach the Gospel; but when ‘hot waters’ come our way, we jump around like the ordinary people of the world – our faith wavers and our comprehension folds.

Salvation is only a temporal thing, because ministering to someone is saving their soul; what about salvation from eternal fire. That’s very important – that’s why the Bible says that every man is to work out their own salvation (Phil.2:12); that’s speaking about eternity. This is where the spirit of prayer leads you to; to eternal salvation. We are all too familiar with the salvation of the souls; but many don’t understand that salvation of the soul is only the entry level of salvation; now you have to renew your mind and prove that which is the good, and perfect, and acceptable will of God (Rom.12:2).

While we are doing this, we should also pray that God remove all selfishness and self ambition from you. We pray selfish prayers, because we want God to do things through us. What does it matter who God uses; as long as God’s plan comes to pass, that’s all that’s important. You will pray and ask God for things and when someone else receives, you are to jump for joy – celebrate the fact that God’s plan has come to pass instead of murmuring that it wasn’t through you. This is accomplished through the spirit of prayer; which looks onto the greater plan of God. After all, it might be because of your prayer this thing has come to pass. Don’t seek the acknowledgment, but seek the result.

Think and do beyond yourself, for the prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available (James5:16) – God sees the humble person and exalts him in due season. It is very important to repent of your personal sins first; then you can move onto bigger and greater things. Many times prayers isn’t answered because of our own sin (Ps.66:18; “If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.” / Is.59:12; “For our transgressions are multiplied before thee, and our sins testify against us: for our transgressions are with us; and as for our iniquities, we know them”). You cannot truly fellowship with God upon your own sins; you must repent to enjoy that fellowship. The Holy Spirit can only truly manifest through genuine love; and genuine love can only be manifested in purity. Yes, we all sin, we all do wrong; that’s why we must always be quick to repent and not allow your sin to bring you down. It is important to search your heart; and you can only do this through the Word (Heb.4:12). You must use the Word to cut out not only earthly sins, but also spiritual sins like pride. Pride can be hidden from man, but God sees the heart of all men. Pride comes from the heart and must be dealt with through the Word – for God resist the proud.

In part of cultivating the spirit of prayer, we must look at the Bible and see the men God had given praise to. David was called a man after God’s own heart (1Sam.13:14). It is good to follow the example of such men. Find out what they have done to get this kind of praise from God. If I want to be called a man after God’s heart, then I must learn to do the good things David did. If I want to be called a friend of God, then I must do what Abram did. If I want to walk with God, then I must do what Enoch done. How else will I get there… David knew how to touch God’s heart. As a leader, we must know what to do with a good heart. Purity will always be exalted by God, for He is a pure and righteous God and response to such – thank God He offers us forgiveness.

Now to present yourself before God, you need to be sanctified by the Holy Spirit. Give heed to the Holy Spirit’s instruction, guidance, and council; then you will surely be sanctified by the Holy Spirit, presented pure, holy, and righteous before God.

To prevail in prayer you must learn to maintain inspiration; and you can only maintain inspiration drawing it from the Word of God. Any other kind of inspiration isn’t going to draw you near to God. You must seek it yourself, for that’s where you will find God’s glory and you can dwell therein as much as you want. (Rom.12:11 Amp) – you maintain to glow of the Spirit through continually praying and studying the Word. Moses for 40 days and 40 nights sat on mount Sinia and listened to God. He came down from the mountain with his face glowing with the glory of God (Exo.34:29). Give yourself the Word and God’s glory will show in you.

The Spirit of God is always awaiting the opportune moment to bring about the glory of God into this world. He is awaiting you to act upon the opportunities given to you through the Word of God to manifest God’s glory in your life; and He does this best in dire situations. Do not want to study the word or pray because things are tough; remain string in this. Every time you study the Word, every time you pray, every time you go to church, every time you minister to a soul; you come out with more glory than what you went in with. Many don’t see this glory, because they looking with the optical eye, but when you look with the spiritual eyes you will see the glory glowing more and more.

The Bible is full of ways showing us how to cultivate a spirit of prayer: “I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting” (1Tim.2:8)

Prayer also helps us to focus; “In God have I put my trust: I will not be afraid what we can do unto me” (Ps.56:11/NIV) – we need to have an undivided heart no matter what happens around us; and we can have this through prayer.

Pray also for spiritual growth of your members (read Col.1:9-12). You might not know the scripture of by heart, but that’s fine – just open your bible and pray out loud as you read it; sooner or later the words will stick with you and you will be praying it on your own (read Phil.1:9-11) – use the scripture to pray for your members. Also read Eph.1:15-20 & Eph..3:14-19)

Learn to also pray the above way for yourself; put your name in those verses and pray for yourself; personalizing the Word.

You have a responsibility to pray like this for the growth of others and yourself; it’s not just going to happen, you must learn to do it. The more you pray like this for others, the more others will also pray for you.

Rom1:9 Paul says he serves God with his spirit. This is the problem with the church today; because we serve God in our bodies and not in our spirit. For God seeks such who will worship Him in spirit and in truth (John4:24). So if we are to worship God in spirit and in truth, then we should also serve Him in spirit and in truth.

The Word of God teaches us how to pray and have fellowship with God through praying the Word and according to the Word. When you cultivate the spirit of prayer, you will also be cultivating the Word of God. This is God’s language to us; and we are to use it when praying and fellowshiping with God. There is 3 main kinds of prayer:

1) Prayer in the understanding

2) Prayer in the Spirit / Tongues

3) Groanings of the Spirit

The first; praying in understanding is when we use the Word of God to pray. It’s important that we use the Word, for it keeps us focused on praying the right way. Yes, there’s a wrong way to pray; but thank God He gave us His Word to know how to pray right.

Second, there’s prayer in the Spirit which is known as speaking in tongues. This is when we pray from our spirit in heavenly language. The Holy Spirit gives us this ability and we can pray this way any time we like. We are able through the in dwelling of the Holy Spirit to express that which we can’t express through earthly language. It also enlightens our understanding as we receive revelation of God’s Word in our hearts.

The third is the groanings of the Spirit. Learn to pray and worship  in the Spirit / tongues, because this leads to an indescribable glory which can only be done by the Holy Spirit through you – Rom.8:26-27; here’s a prayer done through us but not by us. It is the Spirit who prays through us. There are groanings of the Spirit which  can’t be uttered. That groanings don’t come from us, but from the Spirit. It is allowing the Spirit to express these groanings. This is when you reach so deep into spiritual things through prayer that our emotions are connected to the Holy Spirit; then the Holy Spirit will groan through you – being fully surrendered to the Spirit.

Through the right music we can reach such a state of emotion that we seek God in such depths that the Holy Spirit takes charge and leads us straight to a place in the Spirit that we can’t describe. I call this the glory Zone. It has nothing to do with God doing something for you, instead it is what the Spirit does through you. He brings a certain and profound glory over you that cannot be described or explained. Many try and hold back their emotions, especially in prayer meetings or church services; they shy away – don’t be like that, allow the glory of God to sit on you, for it is not only for you, but will also overflow unto those around you.

Start today by giving yourself to the Word; and cultivate the spirit of prayer by invite.

Teaching by Envg./Pst. Rudi Ferreira

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2 thoughts on “Prevailing Prayer”

  1. Amen. Thank you for a wonderful teaching. I’m so glad to get to know this,especially the groaning part. I’ve been getting those for months,together with a shaking of my body while I’m dreaming at night. And it was always dreams about God,but I could never understand the groans and the shaking. I’m so thankful for this teaching. Gods blessings.


  2. Thank you very much for the prayer teaching and the guidelines of how to pray,I now understand what I need to in order to do a meaningful prayer.


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