The Free Gift of Faith

Before we get started on the topic of faith in this session; I want to exalt you to open your heart to God’s Word through a short and simple prayer before reading on. As I speak about faith, I believe that faith will be built up in you; and you will grow in faith as the word are shared. Some of the content might be things you know, but there are certain revelational knowledge being shared below which will take your faith to the next level – Amen! Pray for 5mins in the Spirit…

To every man a measure of faith was dealt (Rom.12:3); it is our responsibility to grow in faith – for it is impossible to please God without faith (Heb.11:6). Jesus highlighted many times to His disciples, stressing that the ordinary faith isn’t enough (although faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains), great faith is required to move things in the spiritual realm, causing effectual change to take place in the physical realm with lasting effects. In a few places, it is quoted that Jesus said; you of little faith… Man has received only a measure of faith, but it is through studying, equipping ourselves, and gaining knowledge of the Word that boosts our faith from one level to another; and allows us to grow in faith. God has given us a seed, we are to nurture it (with the Word), feed it (through preaching the Word) and allow it to grow into a fruit bearing tree (by applying the Word in our lives and EVERYTHING we do).

The Bible says that faith is a substance (Heb.11:1). Let us look at the meaning of the word, Substance:
*A particular kind of matter with uniform properties.
*the real physical matter of which a person or thing consists and which has *a tangible, solid presence.

…Yet faith can’t be seen, real faith is tangible and has a sold presence.

Furthermore, the word used above: ‘matter’; is that which occupies space and possesses rest mass, especially as distinct from energy.

Your faith is what give substance to your hopes, it calls real the things which are not seen (Heb.11:1). You may not see any money in your hand, pocket, or bank account; but your faith can call real what isn’t seen. God did not ask us to ask Him for the things we don’t have; He told us to call it real through His Word by putting our faith to it. After all the Bible declares us heirs with Christ Jesus (Rom.8:17), so we have a rich inheritance with Him; an inheritance we can enjoy now. You might of been diagnosed with a terminal sickness; and although the doctors can’t physically see the cure, you stand on God’s Word which is medicine to the body (Prov.4:22 & 3:8). I can add to this list; but my point is: even you can’t see it with your physical eyes, your faith can call real what you can’t see, to that which you want to see. You can have all things, as long as you can see it through the Word of God, the eyes of faith which is the spiritual eyes of your being; and boldly declare it against all odds.

So many people are dying at an immature age, because we didn’t see and understand what the Word of God said about life on this earth; and indirectly we blame God. We say that maybe it is God’s Will or He knows the plan. God had revealed His will and plan to us – Man shall have 70; and even some 80 years on earth (Ps.90:10). Anything less than that isn’t in God’s Will for our live. For the lack of knowledge My people perish (Hos.4:6). The church must wake up to the Word of God. God remains the same; yesterday, today, and forever (Heb.13:8).

There’s many things the church don’t teach about today, because we haven’t reached such depths in the Word of God yet. We are to preach the simple message of salvation to the world, but in the church, we are to teach the believers from one level into a deeper level. For example, the Christian aura – Christian aura is a force or energy around the Christian; which is also available around non-Christian, but around the non-Christian we have a corrupted aura. Some who can see in the Spirit will see a glow or a certain shine around some; while around others there might be darkness, a cloud, or even a veil seems to be covering them. By faith, we are always to express light, for we are children of light; and we are to let our light shine before man to the glorification of our Lord God and Jesus Christ. Like we explained earlier; the aura is also a matter, a substance of the spirit – it is that which occupies space and possesses rest mass, especially as distinct from energy. Your aura is a spiritual energy; but it cannot be expressed in the physical if you have no knowledge about this. Knowledge is vital for our Christian life and walk in faith.

You might of seen some folks’ aura without even knowing it; but you saw it because that person is aware of what they have, so they are able to express it. You might of met some people and said; there’s something different about this one – you feel at ease around them or there might be a certain form of energy you not familiar with. They have come to the knowledge of their aura and are able to express it bodily – and through doing so, they expressing God and His glory wherever they go.

I have said many times; life is more spiritual than physical – after all, life in the physical realm is limited by time, but life in the spirit is timeless. This is the very reason why we are to live from the position of the spirit, understand spiritual things, and also express spiritual things – but all this only comes through gaining knowledge of the Word of God and a rich fellowship with the Lord. So many Christians today are living ordinary lives, because they don’t understand the working of faith. Faith allows you to live in this world from the spirit; and as you do so, spiritual things are manifest into the physical realm. Nothing that exist today has come about except through the Word of God (John1). The whole world is trying to live a life which will leave an impression on the spirit-world; instead, we are to live a spiritual life which will leave an impression on the physical world. This is how legacies are built – by living a life of faith, which is living in this world from the position of the spirit-world, because that’s where we are born of.

Faith gives us an unfair advantage in this life. That is the reason why we find so many ordinary Christians today, because they not taking advantage of the Word which builds faith in our lives. I use the word ordinary, because the world is ordinary. As Christians, we are to live extraordinary lives. Learn to express your faith. When you come across someone who is sick; be bold enough to lay your hands on them. The bible tells us in Mark16:18 that, “…they (believers) will place (or lay) their hands on the sick and they shall recover.”

Faith only works in conjunction to the Word of God. If you don’t line your faith up with the Word of God, it’s not going to produce after the Word. You can only grow in faith by meditating on the Word and then applying the Word. These signs shall follow those who believe…. (Mark16:16-18). The signs isn’t going to follow you if you don’t believe – believing the Word of God is what stirs up faith.

However, it is not enough to believe, because the devils also believes and tremble (James2:19), so to is having faith not enough, for wicked people also have faith in the wrong things, because every man believes in something. Faith is stirred up by hope which is found in the Word of God and must be worked through love. Only love will give you the manifestation of the Word of God in your life – for these three things will last forever; faith, hope, and love; but the greatest of all is love (1Cort.13:13).

“To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Col.1:27).

Get a hold of the Word, for it is the hope of glory (Col.1:27). Jesus is the Word of God (John1:1-3 & 14), and the Word was made flesh. Jesus is also God (Jhn.10:33 / Jhn8:58.); and God is love (1Jhn.4:8) – in other words, take a hold of love; take a hold of Jesus. When you get a hold of the Word, you will surely come back with a testimony – for faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God (Rom.10:17) – and faith through the Word produces testimony; which is the substance of things not seen.

Let there be substance in what you call faith; and you will have what you say through the Word. Faith delivers the fruit of God’s Word to you in the physical realm…

I want to leave you with two things: ‘Your faith can move mountains; and your doubt can create them’ – choose faith today and please God at every level.’ Also, Ephessians 6 says; ‘pick up the shield of faith.’ A shield is there to protect you from outside forces; therefore, your faith protects you from the wicked devices from outside. “Resist the devil and he will flee from you (James4:7). Allow the Holy Spirit to give you revelation on these; and be blessed!

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Teaching by:
Evangelist/Teacher (Pst.) Rudi Ferreira
The Ministry of Gospel Addicts Global

2016 – our year of Unstoppable Spreading (Genesis 28:14)

Author: Gospel Addicts Global Church

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