Basic Form of Evangelism

Most folks think that in order to step out and evangelize your sphere of contacts means that you must be called an evangelist; and that’s not true. We all have heard that the number one purpose of God’s calling in our lives as Christian believers are to evangelize our world and sphere of contacts. Some are called to be an evangelist, but they are to teach and lead groups – which are for the perfecting of the saints (Eph.4:12). The called evangelist is part of the main members of the body of Christ. They are:

In the same manner, not every Christian are called to be a pastor, yet everyone has been called to proclaim the name of Jesus and preach the message of salvation; spreading the gospel.

This is the same of the evangelistic ministry. However, even we all know it, very little of us actually step out an evangelize. Although there are a number of reasons why Christians don’t step out regularly to evangelize their world, there are a few main reasons. Most probably the biggest reason is that we don’t know the Word of God. Knowledge is vital, but revelational knowledge is what moves you into doing. Until we have spiritual understanding of the Word, the Word can’t convict us in such a way to move us with the message of the Gospel into our world; proclaiming Jesus and salvation unto it…

I find that many Christians are quite good in talking to other Christians about the Word of God; but until you are moved to speak to the unsaved, you have not yet started to evangelize. You cannot evangelize to Christians, we are to evangelize to those who are not Christians. We can promote the Gospel to all, but evangelism are meant for those not part of our body. We can’t go into the street and minister only to those who are willing to hear and think we have done good. No! Rejection is a big part of evangelism. Jesus was rejected by many, yet He evangelized to everyone nevertheless. You might say that He always ministered to the Jews so how didn’t He? (Well, most of the time yes, He ministered to the Jews). However, remember that the Jews didn’t know Jesus prior to Him walking the earth.

Yes, some do say they are saved; yet they don’t know what it means to be saved. Some knows the Word of God, yet they have never received the revelation of God’s Word. These folks has come unto the knowledge of salvation and Jesus Christ, but they lack understanding. These are the ones we are to teach.

Life and death are in the tongue (Prov.18:21). So many people are dying in this world; and we say nothing… How many times do we walk pass a sickly looking person; and we continue walking without saying anything to them? We got to make use of every platform to preach the Gospel – be it by simply going to the shop, taking a walk down the street, during school or working hours, speaking to your neighbors, or even being stuck in traffic. I see some folks looking really miserable when they stuck in traffic, yet the have a bumper sticker on their car with a scripture quote. Play your Gospel music load, smile, greet those passing you – make someone’s day by simply giving them a big smile… Especially those who are not evident to be Christian.

Here are some basic guidelines to enjoyable evangelism:

First; you must be a man or woman who studies the Word of God – and I’m not talking about occasionally; I’m talking about regular studies on a daily basis.

You must meditate on the Word. Seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness… The Word that you have studied must become you; not just a part of you. When folks look at you, you must be the reflection to them of what you saw in the Word of God.

Fellowship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is very important. God is always speaking; but we need to line ourselves through the Word to hear from God when we communicate with Him. Throughout the day, in everything you do; there must be a level of communication with God.

Stepping out:

Once you have been established on the Word, meditation, and fellowship with the Lord; you will line yourself up in hearing from God; for He speaks to us through His Word. He will guide you in where you need to go, what you need to say, and how you must go about doing good.

In all this, it is the Lord Who will give you discernment. You will step out and not know where to go, what to do, or even how to say anything if you don’t have the Word in you. God is His Word and God is Love – therefore, stepping out needs a change of heart / the very way you think needs to change. Your heart must see all people with the eyes of love; and you can’t do everything the way the world does. People are seeking something which isn’t like everything else they know.

A simple method after equipping yourself with the Word and building your relationship with God through fellowship is stepping out in love. As you walk pass people, learn to greet folks; tell them: ‘I just quickly want to tell you that Jesus loves you.’ You will experience diverse reactions; some good and some not good; and occasionally bad. Remember that as you do this, you are operating in the spiritual realm, so the evil spirit will not be happy about what you doing. Nevertheless, we resist the devil and he will flee from us (James4:7).

As you go about sharing love, the Lord will give you discernment about people and their situations. It is very important to remain focused on the Lord as you are interacting with different folks. Being confident not in yourself, but in God Who is with you is essential. Depending on your spiritual level and maturity, this might take some time to get used of; but consistency in doing this is what will bring you to submission under the evangelistic spirit of the Holy Spirit.

“Don’t grow weary in doing good, for at the right time you will be rewarded” (Gal.6:9).

Also remember that as you evangelize your world, it is about sharing God’s love; you should never push out a message of conviction or condemnation. Through pushing out pure love, the Spirit of God will do His conviction in perfect timing. Most of evangelism is about planting a seed; however, much of it is also preaching the Kingdom of God and healing the sick (Luke9:2). This is what Jesus done; He send His disciples out 2-by-2 to evangelize their world. Some rejected and some accepted…

My personal experience:

I have an open mind to every person I cross; because my prayer is that the Lord must put those He wants me to minister to in the path I will be going in. With that in mind, I don’t choose who I will be speaking to; I speak to every person – even if it is just greeting them. As I walk along and passing people, I say: ‘Hey, how are you? I just quickly want to tell you that Jesus loves you man.’ (Some will swear and curse at you for saying that, but all that is fine – you have planted a seed and done what God had ask of you; no matter how they react). As I go about doing this, I maintain a friendly approach and wait upon the Lord. Sometimes as I interact with folks, the Holy Spirit will let me feel certain pains in my body; so I know where people have issues in their bodies. Sometimes a certain feeling will come on me; like a feeling of a soar heart, depression or bitterness. Even at other times, God allows me to know what people are thinking. I use these things to minister to folks. These are people I don’t know, so if I can tell them certain pains, or about personal issues they have, or even what they are thinking; that there opens a door of curiosity – one of mankind’s weaknesses which can be used to the advantage of ministering God’s Word.

However, even God can show you all these things; some people still try and shut you off; and that’s fine, move on. The main thing is, you are leaving them with something to think about. Those who are open to hear more, those are the ones ready to receive; so go ahead and minister to them as the Spirit leads you. Devil will always try and discourage you, and you might even feel uncomfortable doing this. The main thing is, even when you feel uncomfortable; resist the devil and he will flee from you. The more you do this, the easier it will become; and you will even start enjoying it.

Also don’t ever feel shy to pray for folks on the street or in shopping centres and busy places. Someone might just receive healing or a miracle, which will lead others to believing and ultimately unto salvation. Even when approaching a group; I always try and connect to those who looks the scariest or less interested. Fear and doubt should always be cast out when you embark on evangelism – and always allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in love and showing you what must be done.

In most cases when someone turns unto salvation during street evangelism, it is because they seen someone else receiving a miracle or being touched by God – that’s when you need to be bold and lead them in a salvation prayer. We are not going out to condemn no one, or to convict people of doing wrong, neither are we there to embarrass anyone; we are their to share God’s love and tell people about salvation in Jesus Christ.

Upon leading a soul unto salvation; always get the person’s contact details and do follow ups; get the person connected to a church body or fellowship groups near to where they live. Soul winning is not completed by simply winning a soul, you need to disciple a soul and connect them to the body of Christ.

The No-No’s of evangelism:

You don’t need to tell folks their wrongs in order for them to listen to you. In fact, that pushes people away. Neither do we need to tell people if you don’t go this way, then you’ll go to hell – most folks already know that; just they have lost hope, so we are to minister hope against all odds.

There is also no need to quote scripture to folks; people want to see the Word in you; the way you act and react, how you carry yourself and how you express God to them. The Bible tells us this in Romans 8:19 – ‘For the world eagerly awaits the manifestation of the sons of God.’ They looking for something which they don’t see in others. When you go about preaching a message of conviction, judgment, and quoting scripture; you come across as a hypocrite – and frankly, the world is full of those.

Christianity is expressing the inner working of God outwardly in bodily form. Tell people about the goodness and love of God; how He has touch your life. Tell people a short version of your testimony. Share with the world what God has done for you and allow the signs and wonders of Mark 16:17-18 to follow you: for if you believe, these signs shall follow you…

The world needs you, go and make disciples (Matt.28:19); and know that God will never leave you nor forsake you (verse20) – Stay blessed!

Please note: This is only a basic message on evangelism; there are different levels and depths of evangelism which we will share on in the months to come…

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2016 – our year of Unstoppable Spreading (Genesis 28:14)


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